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Which colour to get the Uniqlo bag in?

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Feelingsurreal · 29/07/2023 18:01

I think it seems like a wise investment. A little larger than my Lululemon one which is only big enough for the bare essentials (but v good at the airport for just passport & phone). I can't decide between 3 colours, olive, beige and natural. Is it boring to get natural or beige? I definitely don't want black for the summer (what summer?!). What colour does everyone have/use the most?

OP posts:
LadyGardenersQuestionTime · 29/07/2023 18:06

I have the turquoise/teal sort of one but that doesn't seem to be available on the website. Am considering the yellow, red or olive too. Of yours I would go for the olive, I don't do beige and suspect natural would get too grubby in my tender care.

It is a truly fab bag and I use it loads.

LadyGardenersQuestionTime · 29/07/2023 18:07

Ooh just seen they are about to launch it in corduroy! I'll be getting the dark orange or olive of that asap.

EmmaStone · 29/07/2023 18:11

I've got the beige, and agree, it's a brilliant bag, I can't believe how much I can fit in and it's still so light! I see they're bringing out a cord version for autumn...

megletthesecond · 29/07/2023 18:12

I've got green.
Currently trying to find a suitable micro umbrella to fit in it too.

TakeMe2Insanity · 29/07/2023 18:13

I have the beige and it’s been my go to this summer.

Twothousandandjustonemore · 29/07/2023 18:14

Can someone post a link to which bag p,ease? I’ve just had a look and they do quite a fe. I really need a new bag so I’d be interested to see. Thanks

Twothousandandjustonemore · 29/07/2023 18:20

Thank you

clowniform · 29/07/2023 18:21

I have a mustardy one for summer and green for autumn (both a couple seasons old). The paler beige ones somehow look cheaper or more slobby to me (probably irrationally). The current collection olive is a really nice colour as is the red.

KirstenBlest · 29/07/2023 18:26

Oh, sorry, I was thrown by the beige/olive/black.

Feelingsurreal · 29/07/2023 18:26

Thank you all - It is the mini shoulder bag I'm looking at. I think I'll go for olive. The Lululemon bag I have is in burgundy, and I like that it is a colour not a neutral, so I guess olive would be good. It will look really nice with a couple of outfits I wear on repeat.. how quickly will it arrive?! Off to order it now...

OP posts:
atthebottomofthehill · 29/07/2023 18:29

I have the yellow and yet compliments on it all the time. Just the right shade to be summery but also work in autumn

Kissedbyfire1 · 29/07/2023 18:36

I have ordered it today and picked the purpley one.

oranga · 29/07/2023 19:10

I also have the yellow - it’s fabulous

TreesAtSea · 29/07/2023 19:50

Olive is a good choice out of the three you mentioned. I have the deep red one as I prefer dark colours and they're also less likely to show marks etc. Great bag and I love the fact that the red is a vivid shade without being bright. Definitely got my eyes on the new corduroy ones too 🙂

Gingefringe · 29/07/2023 19:53

I also have the yellow and it's fabulous. I think I will be getting these as Christmas presents for everyone this year. The corduroy also looks fab - can't wait for them to be available.

SocksAndTheCity · 29/07/2023 19:58

I've just seen this on another thread and I want the yellow one too! Does anybody know more about when there will be a corduroy one? 😀

Rocknrollstar · 29/07/2023 19:59

Primark have their own version in cream, black and olive green with a zip pocket on the outside.

Todayiscool · 29/07/2023 20:03

I've got one in rose pink. I would like it in beige, but I was worried about it getting grubby around the edges.

Opt1234 · 29/07/2023 20:14

Also have the yellow one and I love it! Cord sounds amazing 😍

GardeningIdiot · 29/07/2023 20:26

SocksAndTheCity · 29/07/2023 19:58

I've just seen this on another thread and I want the yellow one too! Does anybody know more about when there will be a corduroy one? 😀

MutantTurtles · 29/07/2023 20:32

The smaller one is nicer
i have both in black

Feelingsurreal · 29/07/2023 22:45

I've ordered the olive. I was very tempted in the end to order yellow, but then I remembered I have a yellow bag, (looks like a v similar shade), and I don't often use it, although that could be because it is suede.

Slightly disappointed that the delivery date is 9th August (am too accustomed to next day deliveries!!), but I will be looking forward to using it :)

Am sure I'll end up back for corduroy.

Thank you for all your comments :)

OP posts:
EversoDetermined · 29/07/2023 22:57

I ordered the purple one yesterday and it said 9th August delivery but I got an email at 2am this morning saying it had been shipped.

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