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Help me find a towel dressing robe

12 replies

lulubelle1977 · 11/10/2022 20:34


Hope you lovely lot can help me find a dressing gown but in a towel material.
DH likes his old robe which he wears after the shower to dry off with. A lot online say towelling but are more of the soft material. Haven't got time to go to the shops so hoping you wise people can recommend.

A towelling robe that's actually like a towel. Not too soft.

Thank you in advanced.

OP posts:
barneymcgroo · 11/10/2022 20:36

White company. Just been given one for my birthday - it is magnificent.

MrsMoastyToasty · 11/10/2022 20:37

DM bought me a mens one from John Lewis in "proper" towelling (rather than that plush artificial stuff) last Christmas .

MoreOfADogPerson · 11/10/2022 20:38

I got mine from the men's range on La Redoute and love it.

DoodlePug · 11/10/2022 20:38

I bought the land send one, its excellent quality but would recommend sizing up if between sizes.

ChillinwiththeVillains · 11/10/2022 20:40

I have a man’s Next hooded one from ages ago and it is ace. Thick toweling and big

lulubelle1977 · 11/10/2022 20:45

You're amazing. Can anyone send a link? The John Lewis was the one I looked at but they say towelling just wasn't sure which one. I'll look now at the white company one too

OP posts:
pastaandpesto · 11/10/2022 20:55

I have the White Company one after returning both a La Radoute one which was too short and shit quality towelling and an M&S one which lovely but far too short despite being a men's robe.

The White Company one is well worth the extra £ - nice and long and good quality towelling.

simplesimply · 11/10/2022 21:23

I have this one from the white company and love it, would really recommend. Imo it's worth paying extra for the hooded one.

NoMoreAgeJokes · 11/10/2022 21:46

I bought one from Christy recently Nice and cosy and 100% cotton

NoMoreAgeJokes · 11/10/2022 21:47
THisbackwithavengeance · 11/10/2022 22:24

I bought my White Company mens towelling robe about 10 years ago and it's still growing strong. Well worth the money.

JulesDorney · 12/10/2022 09:21

@lulubelle1977 The J Lewis one is lovely. It's in the women's clothes section as they also do a unisex one.

They come up v big. I bought my mum one last year and she needed an XS ( size 10). The ones I am thinking of come in white, pale pink, or pale blue.

I have one from the White Company (it's my 3rd) and they are nice but more expensive.

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