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Can anyone recommend a nice fragrance for men?

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GandalfTheWhite · 06/04/2022 13:38

DH birthday next week and would like to get him a new aftershave/perfume.

For reference he likes CK One and Paco Rabbane "ultraviolet", but I'd like to get him a new one to try, unfortunately due to work I'm not going to have time to go into town so will be ordering online 😬

Any recommendations? Thank you

OP posts:
Journeynotdestination · 06/04/2022 13:41
AnneShirleysNewDress · 06/04/2022 13:52

Chanel Platinum Egoiste is gorgeous.

LizzieMacQueen · 06/04/2022 14:01

Perfume is so personal but, as you asked, my favourite is Terre d'Hermes.

Can anyone recommend a nice fragrance for men?
gingerhills · 06/04/2022 14:02

Sauvage is an update on classic Eau Sauvage by Dior. It is gorgeous and has something in common with CK One

Happyhulahooping · 06/04/2022 14:08

My husband’s favourite. Really lovely.

Can anyone recommend a nice fragrance for men?
BigSandyBalls2015 · 06/04/2022 14:10

I agree with Sauvage ... so nice and every age group seems to love it ... DH (early 50s) ..... DD's BF (late 20s).

PermanentTemporary · 06/04/2022 14:11

Acqua di Gio is lovely.

iklboo · 06/04/2022 14:13

Diesel For Life is lovely.

AbsoluteTruths · 06/04/2022 14:58

Expensive but amazing. I've bought it for my dh and dad and a few male friends over the years. All converted.

mothertrucking · 06/04/2022 15:03


My husband’s favourite. Really lovely.

Was going to suggest the same. This smells lovely
tolerable · 06/04/2022 15:23

victorrolf spicebom

Beebumble2 · 06/04/2022 15:25

My DH likes Sauvage and the Versace Eros. He wore Eau Sauvage back in the day!

NightmareSlashDelightful · 06/04/2022 15:33

Second Terre d’Hermes. It’s gorgeous

I find Sauvage a bit ‘thrusty young man’ personally.

Czech & Speake 88 is also beautiful

NightmareSlashDelightful · 06/04/2022 15:35

If he likes ck one and Ultraviolet you could have a look at Invictus (also Paco Rabanne). It has a touch of sweetness (like the two he already has) which might appeal.

Noisyprat · 06/04/2022 15:50

Millionaire Lucky by Paco Rabanne
Lime, Basil and Mandarin by Jo Malone
Myrrh and Tonka by Jo Malone
L'esu d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake
Aventus by Creed (silly expensive though)

Noisyprat · 06/04/2022 16:00

Have a look at you can put in what you like and it tells you the notes and gives other fragrances that are like it.

GandalfTheWhite · 06/04/2022 20:52

Thank you for all the suggestions, I've narrowed it down to the Dior Sauvage (sp?) Or the Paco Rabbane Invictus Smile will have a look online at what sort of prices those 2 are at the min

Thanks again

OP posts:
CambsAlways · 06/04/2022 21:46

Creed every time

Housetreecar · 06/04/2022 21:53

Well aventus Creed is literally the most amazing smell in the world. It’s also the most ridiculously expensive smell in the world.
Sauvage is also lovely

JosephineDeBeauharnais · 06/04/2022 22:07

Loewe 7 if you like lilies
John Varvatos if you like a darker fragrance

thirstyformore · 06/04/2022 22:12

I love invictus.

bellsbuss · 06/04/2022 22:20

Creed Aventus, it's a bit expensive but smells amazing

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