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Shay & Blue

OneEpisode · 28/08/2020 23:35

I’m being very brave posting in this section of the site!

I’ve been reading all the JK Rowling stuff elsewhere. The charity Mermaids I would think is widely known to be controversial. For example the now CEO’s eldest child was on imported cross-sex hormones at 14, flown to Thailand for genital surgery which took place on 16th birthday. The UK’s first ever prosecution for a transphobic hate crime was Mermaid’s Helen Islan, (who is not trans) complaint about Miranda Yardley, a transwoman.
Anyway, Mernaids have redoubled their attack on Joanne Rowling. They have issued a statement that includes “children and young people know who they are without arbitration from strangers”.

JKR is a parent, and like many of us, including adult trans people, is concerned about affirmation-only early transition of children that may not fully understand the consequences for future fertility and sex/relationships. Mermaids official submissions to Government enquires is to prevent barriers to transition.

Anyway, I know I have enjoyed Shay & Blue perfume, which I first had from an advent calendar recommended on this board.

Shay & Blue partnership with Mermaids is being advertised amongst the JKR stuff Mermaids are tweeting. I suspect Shay & Blue mean well, and think Mermaids still just “supports people dealing with gender diversity”, but I though the readers of this board might want to know and make their own decisions.

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