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Footless tights for 9yo girl

8 replies

SueW · 25/10/2006 11:21

I can't find any anywhere. Have tried everywhere from Debenhams to Peacocks. Next only have leggings as part of an outfit but DD doesn't want that skirt.

Any ideas?

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northerner · 25/10/2006 11:23

New Look, Tammy girl, bay trading?

Moomin · 25/10/2006 11:27

I got some stripey ones from H&M. They do some in Matalan as well. Next online or catalogue do separate leggings here

Moomin · 25/10/2006 11:28

New Look also definitely have footless tights at the mo; i saw some the other day

Pinotmum · 25/10/2006 12:37

I got some in gap - really nice and thick.

janeite · 25/10/2006 14:45

M & S have cute leggings in their Girls' Boutique section.

Kaloo20 · 25/10/2006 14:56

I got them for dd in Miss Selfridge (XS)

fussymummy · 25/10/2006 15:19

Have you tried logging onto Dance Gear

They do all clothes and accessories for dancers including footless tights.

SueW · 25/10/2006 21:10

Thanks for that Lots of suggestions.

Tried H&M in Nottingham - told they don't have any. Children's Gap in Nottm is one of the worst shops I have ever been in - always looks like a bomb has hit it and never anything in stock but I didn't try so perhaps will ring them

M&S drew a big zero too - they are poss moving to the big store which might explain why their place was a bombsite too.

We asked everywhere so didn't just use our own eyes.

Will try New look and matalan as they don't involve a trip into town.


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