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Kerastase hair products- are they worth the hefty price tag?

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toptramp · 13/01/2012 22:55

I have fine hair and would like to try the Kerastase volumatic shampoo and conditioner but would like a few positive reviews before I shell out ££££. Anyone tried the products and liked them and moreover thought it worth it?

OP posts:
polyhymnia · 13/01/2012 23:50

Yes, definitely. I use that range (Volumactive). I do try other products from time to time but always come back to Kerastase - well worth the money.

toptramp · 14/01/2012 00:29

Just ordered some. I'm growing my hair so needs a boost. Thanks.

OP posts:
NannyPlumIsMyMum · 16/01/2012 22:42

Definetly definetly worth the money ! I love the stuff .

MyCatHasStaff · 16/01/2012 22:53

Yes, no doubt. Only use a really small amount, it lasts ages.

Warlock · 16/01/2012 23:19

HQ Hair always have some deal on Kerastase. DD2 swears by it so she gets it for birthday and Christmas.

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