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Spanx and similar

3 replies

SueW · 16/12/2005 13:53

Problem: I have a long body so tights and control pants tend to be a bit short in the body for me and I end up with bits blobbing over the sides.

Has anyone tried the spanx and similar that go up to your ribs? Do they make you feel incredibly restricted?

Do they work?!!!

OP posts:
NomDePlumPudding · 16/12/2005 13:55

I think the Spanx ones are amazing but very expensive and pretty unsexy once your kit is off (but chances of getting to that stage greatly increased by scary pants). M&S do some which are like high waisted cycling shorts, they're surprisingly comfy, actually.

Lmccrean · 16/12/2005 14:38

as long as you get the sizing right, spanx are great-very comfy! see sizing chart here

MrsMillsletoe · 20/12/2005 12:47

OMG do they work. I'm 5' 10'' and Spanx fit fine in length, and they hold everything in.

Cannot recommend them highly enough.

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