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Urgent Help Needed

parchedjanuary · 19/01/2022 22:58


I've given up smoking! It's been 6 and a half weeks.

I have done this by vaping. I plan to eventually reduce the nicotine strength of my vape juice and eventually free myself from this terrible addiction.

It's gone so well. I always have one vape on the go, and one on charge.

Now, tonight, I have LOST one of my vapes!! The one I'm using is flashing to say no more battery left. I can't find my other one which is fully charged and ready to take over!!!

Why is this happening? Where is my fully charged vape?? I'm literally so annoyed that I can't find it that after 6 weeks of not smoking, I literally feel like going "fuck it" , I need a cigarette.

Where the hell is my vape?

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DoucheCanoe · 19/01/2022 23:04

Car, bag, bedside drawer, under drawers/bed/nearby furniture, down the side of the sofa?

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