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7 year old ASD

Newtothis777 · 09/05/2022 19:39

Hi everyone

My son received a diagnosis of ASD recently. He’s 7. He is very high functioning, very narrow in interests and struggles to mix with other children.

Im feeling very anxious about this diagnosis even though I have suspected for many years.

My main questions really are does he in the future need to disclose his diagnosis
on job applications? Also what sort of
support should I be seeking for him from his school so that he has the most comfortable education he can.
Thank you in advance

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AReallyUsefulEngine · 09/05/2022 20:26

For most job applications whether DS discloses or not is up to DS, but for a limited number of jobs where you need to disclose medical conditions and there is an assessment he may have to.

Although if the employer isn’t aware they don’t have to make reasonable adjustments.

School support depends on DS’s needs. Some examples are social skills groups, Lego therapy, nurture group, emotional literacy support, adjustments such as going in a different entrance if the main entrance is too overwhelming for DS, time out card, sensory breaks. Have you spoken to the SENCO?

If you feel more support is needed than the school can provide you can apply for an EHCNA.

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