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Very dim night light...

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COL1N · 26/08/2021 19:44

Can anyone recommend to me a very very dim night light? I have bought afew now that end up being too bright. I just want to be able to see the outline of stuff!

OP posts:
CourtneyCox2021 · 26/08/2021 19:54

Have you tired a groegg thing 🤔 I love mine. Can change nappy and see outline of everything in our bedroom and it's the red colour apparently really good for LO's rhythm or something

robbiebobbin · 26/08/2021 19:55
Mistressofnone · 27/08/2021 23:17

We have the Pictek white noise machine which is also a light. It goes very dim and you can control the sound and brightness/colour from your phone.

CimCardashian · 27/08/2021 23:26

Lumie alarm clock? They have an amazing dimmer on them

Treaclespongeandcustard · 27/08/2021 23:47

We use this one from IKEA in my LO’s room. I have tried a few and this is by far the most gentle light (and also the cheapest).

flightofthewilderbeast · 27/08/2021 23:51

I have just bought a dimmable Himalayan salt lamp for dd's room, lovely warm soft glow and dims down to very low light, especially if you get a small 1-2kg one. Can get them on Amazon from around £13+. If you do go for one make sure it has the dimmer switch, not all do.

TheGlitterFairy · 31/08/2021 03:42

We use at Hatch that was recommended here. Has white noise plus various other noises and different colours/brightness etc too

TheGlitterFairy · 31/08/2021 03:44
HalloHello · 31/08/2021 04:52

I have the nuby penguin might light, when it's on its a reasonable glow then you can change its colour so can choose which. Warmer colours are dimmer, ccoler colours brighter.

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