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Skiing holiday with 8 month old - especially transfers

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Eddierussett · 12/11/2017 13:56


We are needing to make a snap decision on whether to go skiing for the second half of the xmas break. We have been skiing a lot before but never with a baby so am trying to navigate our way around how it all works. At the moment the choice seems to be between Neilsen in Sestriere or Neilsen in Andorra.

The Sestriere option doesn't have a Neilsen crèche facility so I would end up spending most of the week in resort - not the end of the world as I am more of a potterer than a serious skier and always only ski half days but I am worried I might get a bit bored over a whole week.

Andorra seems a lot better for childcare as they have a crèche so I could go skiing but it is a three and half hour transfer from the airport instead of an hour and a half.

So, does anyone know anything about either resort and what there is to do other than skiing? Also, which is most likely to have snow?

But, also, how do you do a transfer with a baby? I asked the Neilsen rep on their live chat and their response was they advise having your baby on your lap. Surely that isn't safe? And I am not sure I would want to do 3 and a half hours with a wriggly 8 month old on my lap which might rule Andorra out (whereas the transfer to Sestriere might be bearable).

(we are going with friends who are restricted in budget so are limited by that in our choices and jobs/family mean we have to go with a company that is offering a 27th Dec departure)


OP posts:
Youreadthebabybooks · 13/11/2017 12:39

We went skiing when our little one was 4 months old
We didn’t use childcare as I wasn’t ready to leave them but we took it in turns to ski
It wasn’t ideal and when it was my turn to have them I felt very isolated in the chalet
This year we have booked one onto ski school one into nursery ( they are obviously different ages!) much better solution I wouldn’t go again without sorting childcare unless your in a big easily accessible resort to walk around ( but even then that gets a bit boring)
In terms of transfers most flights will let you take your own car seat

Youreadthebabybooks · 13/11/2017 12:39

But u won’t be allocated a seat for them so if they have a spare seat great if not they will be on ur lap and u have taken car seat for nothing

welshweasel · 13/11/2017 12:42

I'd go with the option that includes childcare and just book a private transfer and take your own car seat. Zero chance i would do a minibus/coach transfer of any length with an 8 month old on my knee, particularly when you add snow/ice into the equation.

welshweasel · 13/11/2017 12:44

Also check out historic snow reports for the resort you're going to. I have no experience of skiing in Andorra but have been skiing in late December enough times to know that you need to go high high high to ensure skiable conditions. High altitude and babies don't mix well though. In all honesty, given those options I probably wouldn't go (and I'm a hardcore skier!)

PolkaDotFlamingo · 13/11/2017 12:51

I’ve tried to use my car seat on a coach as part of a package before and they have not let me (against their health and safety apparently Hmm - I actually kicked up a massive fuss about how ridiculous it is so they paid for private transfers). We now either take a taxi (ruling Andorra out!) or hire a car.

Eddierussett · 13/11/2017 17:44

Hmmm. Thank you for your thoughts. It is reinforcing some of my thoughts about wanting a private transfer (not really an option to Andorra as so far), and probably preferring somewhere with childcare. I am tempted to say I would rather wait until easter/next year rather than trying to shoehorn a less than ideal (in terms of holidays) into an awkward set of dates this xmas...

OP posts:
longesteverlurker · 14/11/2017 08:56

We have done Andorra on a DIY basis several times , the first time as a family we did it with Neilson. DD was a lot older 7.When we did it DIY we booked a transfer with Sun Transfers and they were quite reasonable. We took a booster seat with us. We did go with another family and shared the cost, and obviously your transfer will be on top of the holiday cost.
There is snow there already, as I am obsessively watching the webcams ready for us to go in Feb.

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