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Tips on keeping young dc warm on the slopes?

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Lapinlapin · 07/01/2017 07:51

We're going on our first family ski holiday in Feb half-term Smile

DC are 3 and 6 and I'm starting to worry about them getting cold and then not enjoying it. We went for a long walk the other day when it was cold (and that's in the UK where it's nowhere near as cold as it will be in the Alps) and the 3 year old got cold and miserable quite quickly.

Admittedly it will be different when he's got base layers on and so on, but just wondering what the best combinations are.

Also, he hates wearing coats and anything bulky Hmm (often I have to settle for him wearing a body warmer)
When we're skiing, obviously coat wearing will just have to be non-negotiable, but I'm really not looking forward to the battle. He's pretty strong-willed!

OP posts:
lovelearning · 07/01/2017 07:55

DC are 3 and 6 and I'm starting to worry about them getting cold and then not enjoying it. We went for a long walk the other day when it was cold (and that's in the UK where it's nowhere near as cold as it will be in the Alps) and the 3 year old got cold and miserable quite quickly.


Strong-willed or not, make sure they wear their hats

Children don't have a choice in the matter

Lapinlapin · 07/01/2017 13:04

Luckily they don't mind hats and they'll be wearing helmets anyway for skiing, so not really an issue. It's the coat thing that is a pain as he just strips off and flings it to the ground!

Anyway, my main issue is what underlayers/glove liners etc do they need?

OP posts:
Buttercupsandaisies · 07/01/2017 17:51

Thermal top and bottoms
Fleece top
Ski socks and gloves
Maybe little hotties hand warmers? My kids had these in -18 in Lapland - absolute godsend!
I'd get thin hat or balaclava for under helmet
Primark fleece pj bottoms also thin but warm under sallopettes if really cold!

Buttercupsandaisies · 07/01/2017 17:53

Mine wear thin magic gloves under ski gloves too

Mrscog · 07/01/2017 17:54

Depending on what the weather is like it might not be quite so bad - I've been in Austria at -10 before but with low humidity and it didn't feel as bad )albeit I was wearing the right clothing) as a damp 2 degree day in the UK.

Charmanar · 07/01/2017 17:57

We are off to Austria with our 14m old next week - going to be -20 eek! Have merino wool leggings and body, fleece and then ski gear. Balaclava to go under hat and then merino wool socks under boots. Bit worried it won't be enough, we will have him in a Chariot though and so can shove a hot water bottle in with him under Lots of blankets......

anotherdayanothersquabble · 07/01/2017 22:24

Slightly depends on if you think you will go again and if you think you will spend much time outdoors in the UK winter.

I would get the warmest gloves and socks you can.

Hestra are the best ever but very expensive. I have three children and we ski most weekends so worth the investment but we no longer carry spares as they can easily play in the snow and they don't get wet, they don't get lost as they have a strap to keep them on and the children do not complain of cold hands, even in -18. Worth every penny!!! Nothing else has come close.

Mine prefer fleece snoods to balaclavas as they can pull them up and down, balaclavas tend to be more restrictive and fleece ones don't freeze when the moisture in your breath makes the snood wet. We find the buff type get frozen and wet.

And again, we have had other socks but these 69% wool socks are still the preferred ones 5 years in and they have washed and worn well. (We have tried other brands, technical fibres etc but these are our favourite by far.)

When the children were very little, we changed them out of their ski boots and i to their snow boots (Sorel!!) as soon as possible after their lessons as the boots are cold and uncomfortable and as they can't move their feet their feet get very cold.

celtiethree · 07/01/2017 22:36

Mine wear buffs not fleece as they can be difficult to breath through. But they pull over their head and can cover their mouths and even nose. Layers are your friend. My youngest DC is v thin, normally long sleeve thermal , short sleeve base, long sleeve base and them fleece. Jacket on top of all. Then vary day to day depending on temp. For very very cold days buy the disposable hand and feet warmers for boots and gloves! Put chocolate in their pockets, the mini Ritter sport from aldi is perfect. On an aside after many years watching as an adult for me On cold days I'd wear a thermal layer plus something like a Thermoball jacket or gilet under my ski jacket.

Enidblyton1 · 07/01/2017 22:44

Lots of layers!
We've just come back from -10C in the Alps with our 6 and 3 year old.
They wore a long sleeve thermal base layer (M&S do pretty, long sleeve thermals), then a short sleeve vest and a long sleeve merino top. Then ski jacket and salopettes over the top (or our 6 yr old loves her all in one suit). If it's warmer than you expect you can then just wear fewer layers.

But most important is to keep the extremities warm. Make sure they have good mittens (they are better than gloves) that do up with a zip and cover the wrist. My 3 year old has brilliant ones we bought in France where the zip does up in the middle of the back of the hand. Don't let them take their mittens off when outside - hands get cold so quickly!
I recommend a neck warmer (my 6 yr old just had a cotton one) - stops snow going down back of the neck when they fall over.
Good quality pair of ski socks to keep feet warm. Although if temperatures are low, it can be hard to keep feet warm.
Goggles are best for skiing, but don't forget a good quality pair of sunglasses for when not skiing - will be very bright when the sun is (hopefully!) shining.
A factor 50 sun stick for the face (rather than runny sun lotion) is useful for popping in your ski jacket.

Have fun!

BratFarrarsPony · 07/01/2017 22:46

Spare pairs of gloves.
Lots of breaks for hot drinks.

Lapinlapin · 07/01/2017 23:04

Ooh, thanks for all the advice!

So far we have one set of thermals each, ski jackets and salopettes, ski mittens (for one child, still need to buy for the other) and those buff things for their necks. Also have 1 pair ski socks, need to get more.

So it looks like I need to add fleeces to the list, fleece snoods and magic gloves for under ski gloves.

I never considered them wearing anything under their helmets either, so I'm glad I asked for advice. Will have to look at what we have and what would fit.

I recently picked up a couple of those hand warmer things, thinking they'd like the novelty of them, but maybe I need to invest in a few more!

Fleece PJ bottoms is a great idea! Funnily enough I bought a pair today for the 6 year old (for bed, never thought of skiing!) Might go back and get another pair for them both.

Charmanar have a great time. We're going to Austria too. I just love it there.

another day I really hope we'll go skiing again, but certainly it won't be again this year, and possibly not for another couple of years as we'll need to save up again.Sad

I love the look of the things you've linked to, but eek, they are pricey! I can totally see that if you ski a lot, then it's worth spending that, but I think for us, it would be a bit much, especially as they'll outgrow them before we get to use them again.

Mrscog I agree, I always think crisp snowy mountain cold is infinitely preferable to the damp cold you get in Britain. In fact I can't remember feeling really cold before when skiing, at least not since I skiied in -20 as a teenager. But I just worry that the children won't be skiing as much, and doing more hanging around at ski school and might get colder.

OP posts:
Lapinlapin · 07/01/2017 23:12

I hadn't seen the last couple of posts when I wrote my last one.
Thanks for the sun stick reminder - I'd completely forgotten!
We've bought ski goggles and mittens.

The mini packs of chocolate idea is great. In fact, bribery may be the best way to get the 3 year old to wear his coat. If he knows there's chocolate in the pocket, he might be a lot more enthusiastic about wearing it!

With ski socks, do you put thin socks underneath, or just the ski socks? I've read conflicting advice on this.

OP posts:
Buttercupsandaisies · 07/01/2017 23:20

You can get a lot of what you need in aldi - they have a ski event on Thursday - really cheap.

I've heard it's best not to wear socks under ski socks - I have to be honest but prob won't try it with the kids

In previous years I've not had specialist ski stuff - on my first trip I didn't even but thermals! I just wore leggings and long sleeve t shirt!

Natsku · 07/01/2017 23:20

Remember that they might get quite warm from the exercise of skiing so don't overdress them either.

Been having -20 - -30 temps the last few days so DD (5) has been wearing vest and tights for first layer, then trousers and long sleeve shirt, then woollen overalls, then snowsuit (all-in-one suits are best for for younger children though I see you've already got salopettes and ski jackets but they are good too, just a bit more chance of snow getting inside). Socks and thick snow-proof gloves (she refuses to wear mittens any more but they are better for keeping fingers warm) and woollen balaclava and I stick her hood up as well for extra warmth to her head.

Lapinlapin · 07/01/2017 23:29

Buttercup most of our stuff is from Aldi! We got it at the ski event before Christmas. I didn't realise there was another one this week, so thanks for the info. Might have a look to see if I can get the remaining things we need. Everything sold out so quickly at the last one.

Natsku -30 sounds unbearably cold! That's interesting that your dd is warm enough without hundreds of layers, even in those temperatures. I guess we'll see how it goes and adjust accordingly. We did consider getting an all-in-one, but decided that with separates we can use the ski jackets as winter coats and get more use out of them.

OP posts:
badg3r · 07/01/2017 23:33

Mountain warehouse has all in one outer layers for £30 at the moment. DS also hates wearing a coat but we have coerced him into wearing the all in one using chocolate, and once in it it is much harder for him to get off than his coat Wink

Natsku · 07/01/2017 23:35

That makes sense (using the ski jackets as winter coats). -30 is unbearably cold for me but kids are different, they don't care as long as they can eat snow Grin

celtiethree · 08/01/2017 00:38

No thin socks under ski socks unless something like silk liners. Don't try and tuck thermals into boots either. You're trying to aim for clean wrinkle free lines, after a day's skiing a wrinkle pressing on your shin all day can be agony!!!

Tigresswoods · 08/01/2017 07:51

As celtie says the buff is essential in v cold conditions & can be pulled up & kept in place by their helmets.

Biking007 · 08/01/2017 08:01

Last January My super fussy just 4 yr old I put her in an all in one suit as it meant no snow down her back and no waist band or sallopet strapps to bug her or coat to lose. It worked great better than I expected and was a cheap suit from millers online £20. Downside I took an extra jacket for evening/airport travel and going to toilet was harder but she's a child who easily goes 3-4hrs without needing a wee in the morning. So not a problem in the lesson time. We are going again this year not sure if to swap her to older sister hand me down salloppettes this year.
Allow a lot longer in the morning than you think to get two kids and kit to ski school! My DH had a lesson which started earlier so I was on my own getting them out the door but by day3 I had it down pat. Laid everything out night before hats, googles, gloves, socks, suits and yes haribo mini packets in their pockets were big hit. And a tissue& lip salve in pockets a definite win the one with SPF15+. Also a piece of paper in their pocket with your local accommodation address and your mobile phone numbers, name & age of the child in case of Energency (the ski school asked for this).
Slippers /trainers for walking down stairs to ski lockers in basement to get boots etc

Biking007 · 08/01/2017 08:01

Excuse typos Blush

Lapinlapin · 08/01/2017 09:30

This is all brilliant advice, thank you. Will definitely do the address thing in their pockets. And getting out the house in the morning is bad enough when going to school, can imagine getting ready for ski school is even worse!

Am seriously starting to consider buying an all-in-one for the 3 year old. I know I'm trying to save costs, but also think that all in all we'll have spent a lot on the holiday as a whole and an extra £20-30 might be worth it, if it keeps him warm. Weirdly I can see him agreeing to wear a skisuit more readily than separates. Also, it's his ski jacket we've been trying (and mainly failing) to use as a winter coat. I already know he doesn't like it! I suppose it won't be wasted as we'll still have it for the evenings.

OP posts:
Artandco · 08/01/2017 09:43

I don't like all in one suits past baby. The toilets on ski slopes usually soaking due to wet boots and god knows what, the arms will trail in it all when taken down to wee. Plus they overheat or have awkward too half hanging off when you go in restaurants etc on slopes as too hot.

Get three pairs decent socks rather than 7 cheaper. Just rinse each in evening and rewear. Two pairs regular socks can be worn in evening for just walking about.

Merino thermals - really make a difference as thin so not bulky on them and super warm. Mine wear theirs as pjs all year around apart from summer so get money worth

Mittens easier than gloves

Put small snack for them inside coat in inside pocket. Body temp will keep it from freezing.

Biking007 · 08/01/2017 11:27

Our fav thermals were cheap ones from Asda we didn't like the merino ones my DD youngest is really sensory aware so soft no labels non itchy is a big deal for her.

Artandco · 08/01/2017 11:37

Bike - merino shouldn't be itchy, that's why it's so popular compared to other wools. Our merino is all softer than cotton

This is a good website btw for all kids general ski stuff. Various brands and price ranges

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