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tech · 18/09/2002 00:10

Please note that the mumsnet website will be down for network maintenance at our Internet service provider this weekend (September 21-22). The work is planned for Saturday. However, there is a chance we'll need to be offline on Sunday too. If you are using the site on Saturday, be warned that it may disappear without warning....
Regards, tech

OP posts:
Tissy · 03/02/2003 12:40

Now what do I do???

My profile says I'm someone else, and I want to send in a review to try and win the Disney trip. If I send in my review and it wins, someone else will get the trip!!

I have emailed tech, but how long is the competition for the trip open?

leese · 03/02/2003 18:35

closing date Feb 15th I think tissy

Tinker · 13/03/2003 23:37

tech - while you're around. You know each poster's name can be clicked on, like a link, but a message comes up saying their email address isn't available or something. Are there plans to, one day, let us post our email addresses on there, if we wish, so that people can contact each other without going through you, as it were? Thanks

CAM · 14/03/2003 09:26

If I remember correctly back to the start of mumsnet I think you used to be able to do this but it was stopped because the email addresses were abused.

tech · 14/03/2003 10:31

Hello Tinker,

We are looking at doing this. It's quite a bit of work though and resources are a bit scarce at present. We'll get it done at some point though.

What we are planning is a "private message area" where you could post a message for another talk user. You'd be able to see messages left for you, and leave messages for others. In the private messages you could of course swap email addresses if you wish, or just continue private messaging for a while if you prefer.

OP posts:
Marina · 14/03/2003 11:49

The private message area sounds a wonderful idea, Tech. I am always conscious I am adding to the workload when asking you to pass on stuff (doesn't stop me doing it though...)

sml2 · 14/03/2003 13:31

Hello tech,
I am just wondering if you received the my email sent last Sunday, title "mumsnet keeps shutting down"? It's about a problem I am having with opening mumsnet on my home pc, though not from work, obviously.

tech · 18/03/2003 14:24

Hi Sml2,

I did get your note. Sorry for the delay in replying. Unfortunately, there's not a lot we can do about the error you are seeing.

Briefly, what is going on is badly explained below. I think you said on another thread you are a software engineer so I won't apologise for the jargon.

The blue navigation bar on the left of the mumsnet pages is a java applet. To run applets, internet explorer uses either its own "Java Virtual Machine" made by Microsoft, or a "plug-in" replacement, usually made by Sun Microsystems. To do certain things (like draw on the screen), the JVM calls out to "native code". This is code written in another language like C++. Java has no direct access to the machine hardware so has to call native code to do low-level operations like drawing. So if you are on Windows it asks windows to draw the screen, if you are on unix it asks the X-Window system to draw etc.

If something goes wrong in this native call, you get an error like the one you saw. The fact this is happening suggests that there is something not right with the java setup on the machine.

You should probably first check if you are using the sun plug-in or the default microsoft JVM. Then you should probably download the latest version of the one you use from microsoft or sun. This should force the machine to cleanly install whatever might be missing.

Beyond that, there's not a lot we can suggest I'm afraid.

If this doesn't make any sense at all, drop me a note and I'll try tell you how to find out which JVM you are using and how to replace it.


OP posts:
EmmaTMG · 18/03/2003 20:07

And now, can that be translated from Marsian to English......only joking. I read that and watched it fly out of the screen and straight over my head.

GillW · 20/03/2003 08:55

Tech - is there any way we can have the preview function when we're trying to start a new thread? I can work round this by opening a new window, pretending to reply to an existing message, previewing what I've put in, then cutting and pasting the reply to the thread I'm trying to create and abandoning the dummy response - but it would be so much easier if the preview option was available on the create a new thread screen.

Enid · 20/03/2003 09:00

oooh, gillw, weird I was just about to ask the very same question...

tech · 06/04/2003 22:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tech · 06/04/2003 22:39

If you use AOL:

Please note that if you use AOL for email (you have an email address) it may not be possible for us to send mail to you in some situations. If this happens when you join mumsnet, you won't be able to post on talk as we can't verify that your email address is real rather than one made up by a bad person out to cause mischief.

"AOL mail controls" allow you to set up your account to accept mail only from people you have explicitly listed. Some people do this to stop unsolicited mail; some people do it by accident. If you have these controls set, and you want to accept mail from us, then you need to add to the list of addressses or "domains" from which you will accept mail.

If you don't want mail from us, don't make the change. If you do, you can do so at AOL keyword: mail controls


Here's what AOL has to say on the topic:

Some common errors with brief explanations as they pertain to our mail system:

This error indicates that the AOL Member has configured his account, possibly inadvertently, to only accept mail from certain addresses and/or domains on the Internet. Using Mail Controls he will have to modify those settings to receive mail from you. AOL Postmaster can not override these Member defined settings. We respect Member's privacy and their ability to control their own mail. Postmaster can not forward the mail for you.

OP posts:
tech · 18/06/2003 19:29

We've added a new link to the top of the mumsnet talk pages "Contact another talker".

This is to allow you to pass on your email address to someone else on talk in the easiest way possible. Often we get emails from people saying "Can you give me X's email address. She says it's alright." We can't really do this, and end up having to explain that to the person requesting the email. We then usually ask them if we can instead pass their email on to the person they want to contact and so on it goes.

Anyway, if you click this new link, you can enter you registered email address, talk name and password and the talk name of the person you want to contact. You can include a message to that person if you wish.

This page will send a message to a mumsnet editor who can then pass your note on to the person you want to contact. We are keeping the editorial involvement just to ensure we aren't unwittingly passing on unwelcome or offensive messages.

Anyway, it's all a lot simpler than I'm making it sound. Have a look.


OP posts:
AliP · 18/06/2003 20:52

thanks tech - sounds like a good move to me.

SofiaAmes · 18/06/2003 23:10

awesome and thoughful as usual!

bunny2 · 18/06/2003 23:24

Great one, thanks. P

M2T · 18/06/2003 23:27

Excellent!!!! Cheers tech!

Any word on introducing some new Emoticons??? pleeeeeeeease???

CAM · 19/06/2003 20:50

What a brilliant idea

Rhubarb · 19/06/2003 21:14

Tech, we do seem to be getting quite a few trolls. Will there be any way of eliminating these trolls in future?

tigermoth · 19/06/2003 21:54

good idea, tech. Thank you

I'll have to steel myself for the probability that no one will ever want to contact me though

Ghosty · 19/06/2003 21:56

Could there be a rule about changing nicknames willy nilly? Mind you that wouldn't be fair on those who post under different names because they are talking about delicate subjects ...
Tech .. you must be able to see who is changing their names and going on to threads to cause trouble? Isn't there anything that can be done????

tech · 22/06/2003 12:23

We've made some changes to the Talk pages

  1. You can now preview in "create conversation".
  2. In the search pages, the latest 15 messages in a particular thread will show up. If there are more there will be a "more..." link. You can see how many there are in total at the top.
  3. When you click on a topic, you can see how many messages are in each conversation.
  4. We've changed some "back-end" stuff to make it faster.
  5. Searching in a single topic should work properly now.

    If you see talk acting weird (always likely when my stubby fingers have been involved), please let us know at [email protected]

OP posts:
janh · 22/06/2003 12:28

Dear Tech

The contact another mumsnetter bit seems to have disappeared???

tech · 22/06/2003 12:37

Hi Janh,
I've put it back.

OP posts:
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