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tech · 18/09/2002 00:10

Please note that the mumsnet website will be down for network maintenance at our Internet service provider this weekend (September 21-22). The work is planned for Saturday. However, there is a chance we'll need to be offline on Sunday too. If you are using the site on Saturday, be warned that it may disappear without warning....
Regards, tech

OP posts:
PamT · 18/09/2002 04:11

Can you suggest anything for withdrawal symptoms please? I hope there's something good on TV, if not we'll be blaming the next baby boom on this temporary shutdown.

Demented · 18/09/2002 08:17


bayleaf · 18/09/2002 19:05

Can we have a cold turkey helpline number we can ring if the withdrawal symptons get too bad??????

emsiewill · 18/09/2002 19:25

Why couldn't you do it last weekend while I was away. What on earth am I going to do - have to talk to dh and dds I suppose.

sobernow · 18/09/2002 20:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PamT · 21/09/2002 10:36

I thought I'd resurrect this thread just to remind anyone who hadn't already seen it.

Mumsnet will be going off line today and possibly tomorrow!!!!!

Tinker · 22/09/2002 22:41

Did this site go down? I didn't notice. Also, the clock now seems to be about 20 minutes slow. Strange. Let's experiment. It's now 22.59.

Tinker · 22/09/2002 22:42

See. My post is 10.41 !

emsiewill · 22/09/2002 22:43

I didn't notice it go down, either (thank goodness - would have been lost without this w/end). And yes, my clock now says 22:57, I bet my posting time will be earlier. Let's see...

emsiewill · 22/09/2002 22:44

That's 14 minutes by my reckoning.

tech · 23/09/2002 13:33

The site did go down briefly on Saturday morning. The clock is now a little slow. It's supposed to synchronize itself with a super-duper always-right type clock, but I guess it stopped doing that with the work over the weekend. We'll fix it tonight....


OP posts:
tigermoth · 23/09/2002 13:35

tech, hope the site maintenance didn't involve you giving up your own time at the weekend. If it did, a huge thank you for your hard work.

tech · 23/09/2002 20:55

FYI, we've reset the clock.

OP posts:
tech · 11/01/2003 17:42

Hello Talkers,
We've moved the talk board slightly from to (where you are now).

If you have favourites or bookmarks set up to point to the old pages, they may stop working at some point in the future. They should continue to work for now. You can save the new location by doing "add to favorites" again in your browser.
It may say the bookmark already exists and would you like to overwrite it. Click the "Yes" button to save the new location.

Best wishes,

OP posts:
bayleaf · 11/01/2003 20:16

Thank You tech - I did get a funny pause when I clicked on it tonight and the message that it had moved - but then it came up after a few seconds. Have bookmarked the new address.

tech · 31/01/2003 01:05

Hello talkers,

We've added an extra link to the top of the talk pages to let you "flip" a thread. This is so that if you come across a thread which already has lots of messages you want to catch up on, you can reverse the order so that it reads top to bottom rather than bottom to top. Click the same link again to flip it back to the usual order. This doesn't "stick" by the way. The next thread you move to will have the most recent messages at the top, as always.

Best wishes,

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 31/01/2003 11:23

oooh thank you. That's very clever and very helpful.

Marina · 31/01/2003 23:18

Thanks Tech. Yet another innovation that keeps this bulletin board the easiest to use on the net!

WideWebWitch · 01/02/2003 00:09

tech, can I be really annoying and ask whether another thing is possible? Is there any way you could specify the messages you want to see? i.e postings in the last 3 hours etc? for instance if I haven't been here all day I have to look at last day postings to see what I've missed rather than being able to say "show me everything from 10am onwards" Is this unrealistic? I know I can ask it to show me everything since I last looked but I might have only popped in for 2 mins and not read everything so... Sorry if it is unrealistic, just thought I'd ask anyway. Yours, sad addict.

GillW · 01/02/2003 08:21

www - you can do that already from the Find new messages link at the top of the page.

prufrock · 02/02/2003 09:59

Ooh - if we're asking can you change the search function so that once searched, you can order the messages found by date?

Janeway · 02/02/2003 15:35

Am I alone in getting the option to "flip this thead" (missing and "r"?

SoupDragon · 02/02/2003 16:55

No, it definitely says "thead"

Carriel · 02/02/2003 19:48

Just a quickie to say tech's gone on some well-deserved hols for a couple of weeks, so you'll all have to live with "thead" for a bit longer as none of the rest of us know how to rectify it! Also don't worry if he doesn't answer your queries for a while, he will when he returns (all tanned and relaxed...)

SoupDragon · 03/02/2003 11:47

You let him have holidays???

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