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Can anyone recommend a shape sorter please ??

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nutcracker · 22/09/2004 22:21

I want to buy one for Ds for his birthday.

He will be 2 and i know most are aimed at younger children but i am getting the impression that he is a bit behind his peers developmentally, and the one shape sorter he has had (cookie jar one), just seems to be beyond him and he hasn't a clue what to do with it despite much instruction from me.

Come to think of it, any recomendations for any educational toys would be great.

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nutcracker · 22/09/2004 22:22

Just realised that sounded like i thought he was behind just cos he can't use a shape sorter, which isn't what i meant.

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Chinchilla · 22/09/2004 22:24

Ds had the ELC one from 12months plus. It got used a lot, first for the clock and door on it, and finally for the shape sorter, so it was a toy that grew with him.

jamiesam · 22/09/2004 22:26

I bought my ds a rather complicated shape sorter from ELC which he never got on with until sil bought him a round, six piece shape sorter from Boots. Once he'd got the hang of that, he could sort any shape into any hole (almost). Might this help?

Freddiecat · 22/09/2004 22:26

nutcracker DS had one for his 1st birthday from Fisher Price (well his great granny really)

It is just a barrel with a removable top and has a triangle, a square and a circle - with 4 of each shape to put in it. Very simple but it meant he had to repeat doing the circle 4 times rather than get side-tracked with other more exciting shapes. It took hima few months to get the hang of it but I thought was a good straight forward toy.

woodstock · 22/09/2004 22:26

I bought a Fisher-Price one for ds that he really likes. It only has 4 different shape cut-outs and then 4 pieces of each shape. It is much better than that monster someone gave him with 12 or so cut-outs - I could hardly do that one myself! And then the soft Lamaze one just never interested him.

collision · 22/09/2004 22:28

Asda do a great one which is only about £3 and ds loved it. He also had a wooden one from ELC in the shape of a house which is lovely.

Judd · 22/09/2004 22:29

There's one in Tesco at £1.97 at the moment.
Another toy DD loved at around 18 months (too young?) was a post box with plastic letters, stamps and envelopes in different colours. I think its £10 from ELC. You match the letter, stamp, envelope either by picture or by colour, fix them all together and post them!

misdee · 22/09/2004 22:29

chicco car shape sorter. dd2 loves it. she got it last year for her birthday. u pop the shapes in the roof rack of the car, turn the handle and they go into the boot. i'll see if i can find it online for u in a mo.

Juliehafrancis · 22/09/2004 22:29

My Dd has the same on as Chinchilla - she is 2 and is quite advanced with shapes etc but still enjoys it! Would definetely recomend this one.


Jules x

woodstock · 22/09/2004 22:31

Crossed posts Freddiecat - you described it much better though!

misdee · 22/09/2004 22:35

also, try the wooden puzzles. teaches them to put the shapes in the right hole, and they can learn more about objects. (favourite peice is the cake one, which dd2 pretends to blow the candles out on)

gingernut · 22/09/2004 22:43

My ds has the Chicco one misdee describes (photo here ) and he still plays with it (he's 2y9m). He had 2 others, the Fisher Price one that Freddiecat describes and the ELC Blossom Farm farmhouse one, but the Chicco one was the most played with because it was a car!

nutcracker · 23/09/2004 10:28

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm gonna write them down and have a look next time i'm out.

That post box one from ELC sounds great too, and i think he'd like that.

I'm just trying to get him some pressies to encourage his development a bit as he is a bit lazy i think and if he can't do something first time he tends to give up.
I'm also going to get him some of the really simple wooden jigsaws too.

OP posts:
TraceyP · 23/09/2004 11:53

Nutty, my dd had one from Tomy which is shaped a bit like an elbow, it has shapes on one end and a rubbery piece at the other with a flexible hole that they can just shove the shapes into or that you retrieve the shapes from. DD loved it, it was one of the best things anyone bought for her.

nutcracker · 23/09/2004 12:06

I think i know which one you mean Tracey, i seem to remember seeing it in a toy shop last year.

Sounds quite simple too which is i think what he needs until he gets the hang of them.
I'll add that one to my list.


OP posts:
Yorkiegirl · 23/09/2004 12:09

Message withdrawn

clary · 24/09/2004 01:06

That one TraceyP talks about is good, also Freddiecat's which is by Fisher Price. we have that one and the good thing as FC says it has lots of circles not just one. Same thing with the Tomy one too. Also when you lose a piece or two as you always do it's not the end of the world.

(Well it annoys me, but then I am anal toy-tidying mum)

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