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Are clitoral stimulators like the satisfyer pro 2 really worth it?

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mygreatauntsue · 12/03/2023 14:14

I’ve only ever had a bullet but recently started wondering if I’m missing out. Is the orgasm really better with one of these or are all pretty similar despite the method you got there?

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OP posts:
whattodo87 · 12/03/2023 15:08

I have one and never use it.
Unless it's used during PIV then I would feel like there's something missing ...
If it's for "self care" then my goto is always the rabbit x

MaryJean87 · 12/03/2023 16:45

I have one in my drawer but I don't use it anymore. I much prefer a toy with a strong vibration such as a rabbit or a wand. I find the suction toys hit and miss. You have to get it in a very precise position and if you move it around and lose it you're back to square one. That's my personal experience of it anyway.

scrumpledtitskin · 12/03/2023 17:54

Well I swear by mine. We're all different of course, but it works better than anything else for me 🥳

MrsDeltaB · 12/03/2023 18:23

I've not long bought the Pearl Suction toy. I thought I'd hit a big O before......but now I really have!!

RabbitSocks · 12/03/2023 19:11

I don’t get along with the clit sucker style toys. But other rave about them. Maybe try a cheap-o one first?

MovingonfromMartin · 12/03/2023 21:18

I moved from a rabbit type vibrator to a clitoral stimulator. Wow- what a difference it makes to my orgasms! The Romp by Lovehoney is amazing. I also have the Satisfyer Pro 2 which has the clit stim sucker part and a vibration action. They both have a fabulous effect on me and are now my preferred type of toys.

AbsolutePixels · 12/03/2023 22:03

Bullet is better, in my opinion. Satisfyer does nothing for me.

mags1862 · 12/03/2023 23:58

Big fan of Satisfyer Pro 2 my only toy I use now.

ReginaTheEvilQueen · 13/03/2023 01:00

mags1862 · 12/03/2023 23:58

Big fan of Satisfyer Pro 2 my only toy I use now.

Totally agree! Tho i also like to have a bullet to hand for convenience, but mine broke recently so just bought a mini wand, just got to try it out 😂

StarlightLady · 13/03/2023 09:52

I’ve had various toys over the years. For me the little bullet is the queen of the orgasmic palace; one goes everywhere with me, because you never know when you are going to need a helping hand or a little pick me up!

lts lightness, quietness, size and manoeuvrability, win hands down in my book. It can be used with the palm of my hand as well or tucked in tight fitting knickers for a little variety.

lt also conveniently slips into a make up bag.

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