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Which is the better 'step down' light-weight, foldable pushchair for a 16 month old - Baby Jogger City Mini or Mamas and Papas Armadillo?

movingalot · 12/04/2014 22:52

We need the above for travelling - we have previously checked in our trusty Cameleon in the travel bag, but this time I'm flying alone with her, so need something I can bring her in right up to the gate. She is too big for a sling.

We want something that can then be kept in grandparent's house, quick runs to nursery etc, so not something 'disposable'. I know Maclarens get a lot of love on here but I found them flimsy and complicated in real life.

Both the BJCM and the Armadillo are on sale where we are, and we have pretty much narrowed it down to these two options, but stock is low, so a decision is needed imminently! Any opinions?

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parawhore · 13/04/2014 18:21

I bought the armadillo last month and I love it. I had the cameleon and it was just no good for public transport or even the car boot so I spent ages looking for a decent stroller.

The armadillo is perfect it folds so easily and it's compact so fits anywhere. It folds with one hand. The seat is huge so loads of growing room, the basket is great and it's lovely to push.

The only downsides are that the handle doesn't go up or down and it's quite low for me (im 5'8). The raincover doesn't cover the whole pushchair, it clips under the hood so the hood gets soaked when it's raining. It's waterproof though but takes a while to dry. It's also not as light as it looks, I was surprised at how heavy it was when folded but it is light to push.

The massive hood is brilliant and really does keep the sun off dcs.

Hope this helps

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