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Twin pram for unlicensed transport

Linguaphile · 07/02/2013 15:08

Sorry, bit of a cross-post from the multiples board.

We just found out we're having twins. We don't have a car, so I'm wondering what the best pram would be for carting twins around on public transport in the Kingston/Richmond area in SW London. I've been eyeing the Bugaboo Donkey since I like the side-along style and versatility of the seats. It seems much thinner than other side-by-side models, though I'm wondering if it will still be a nightmare getting on buses and in/around shops. The icandy Peach looked nice, but I'm not keen to have one baby tucked down in a cave, plus it seems like a hassle that the carrycots don't fold down... but then, maybe it's worth putting up with the style if it's easier to get around?

We live on the 1st floor, so it'll need to be light enough for me to haul it backwards up about 15 stairs with the babies in it.

What is your experience with twin prams on public transport? I see mums with prams on buses all the time around here, but don't know if it will be worse with twins... It's not like I'll be able to easily collapse anything with 2 infants/toddlers!

Recommendations would be much appreciated.

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