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Note: This topic is for discussing pushchairs. Read our round up of the top pushchairs to find out which ones were awarded Mumsnet Best.

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Please help me choose stroller

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DianaXXX · 21/11/2011 23:33

Hi mums and mums to be, I'm on a low budget and will be getting most things second hand or given by my friends however I'm more than willing to spend my money on a good stroller that is durable and will last from birth up to she of 3 or something.
Im between stokke and bugaboo, I like both of them and can't seem to choose!
Also do u know if either go on sale Christmas time or cheapest place to buy them?
Any advise would be appreciated :)

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Honeydragon · 22/11/2011 14:18

We have a push chairs section where you can also post this and you will be innundated with advice Grin

What do you mainly need from it?

Bus/car all terrain? Lightweight?

Are you looking at the Cameleon are the Bee?

The Stoke is nice but if you are buying a stroller that you intend to be the "one" call the way through than it's not going to be the Stokke.


DianaXXX · 22/11/2011 15:23

I wanted the one I don't drive so it must be durable

OP posts:

sprinkles77 · 22/11/2011 15:53

stokke will not be the one. All my friends had the bugaboo chameleon. They had all got fed up and bought a McLaren techno XT at 6 months. Way cheaper and is suitable from birth (though does not face you, only outwards), and really comfy and will fit a toddler (I have seen kids in school uniform in them)!

I have the bugaboo bee (the old one). Brilliant buggy, really versatile. I decided against the chameleon because of the weight and the cost. Also you have to take the seat or bassinet off to fold it (not an issue if you don't have a car). Also the seat has a fixed 90 degree seat, so if you recline it the child's knees are up in the air. Just not comfy, especially if your baby likes to sleep on its tummy (mine did, which was fine in the bee as it goes flat).

bugaboo is never on sale, unless they bring out a new model. Check ebay and gumtree for 2nd hand.


Honeydragon · 22/11/2011 15:53

Out of those I'd go with a Bugaboo although it will still be a pain on public transport.


AnnMumsnet · 23/11/2011 12:04

hi - have moved this now to pushchairs (hopefully!)


Tiggywunkle · 23/11/2011 12:25

If you want 'the one' I would go for the Chameleon but also look at the iCandy Peach or Uppababy Vista.


aswellasyou · 23/11/2011 13:26

I think the Uppababy Vista is far more likely to be 'the one'.

The Stokke has absolutely no suspension so you can apparently feel every dip in a pavement. The problems with the Cam are that you can't really access the basket in pram mode and that the two piece fold can be annoying and a bit big.

The Vista folds in one piece with the seat facing either way, has really good suspension, is easy to push, folds fairly small, freestands when folded, has a big hood with a pull out sun visor, comes with the carrycot and raincover, has a huge basket and the seat is high up. And they usually cost £550, which is a lot cheaper than the two you're looking at. But you can often find a 10% off code and at the moment you can get it for £483 at Kiddicare using the code kiddi12 to get 12& off. I can't see you getting a better pushchair for anywhere near that cheap.


aswellasyou · 23/11/2011 13:28

*£484 sorry. Smile


pramsgalore · 23/11/2011 14:07

i have a vista and it is great would def see you through 0 -4 easy, the basket is huge, i owned a stokke but to be honest i would not have wanted it as my only pushchair, they have no suspension. however i would be happy with the vista as my only pushchair.


DianaXXX · 24/11/2011 23:23

Why not the stokke than?

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aswellasyou · 25/11/2011 09:00

The Stokke has no suspension and the fold is difficult. I think if you bought it, you'd end up getting something else within 6 months. Have you seen the Vista in real life? They're much cheaper and everyone loves them!


pramsgalore · 25/11/2011 09:12

ditto, there is no suspension, its easy to fold when you know how, but can be a pain and the seat it a pain to get off as you have to get it over the handlebar, the basket is great but if you put too much weight into it it makes it heavy to get up kerbs as it sits above the front wheels, the raincover is rubish and a really tight fit for older than a baby, but then to be far the xari rain cover is a really tight fit, i have owned one and honestly when you compare the stokke to the xari, the xari is so much better, the vista is a great allrounder and the vista will be the last pushchair to leave the house. going over cobbles in a stokke will bounce the baby around alot its a hard ride


DianaXXX · 10/11/2018 20:08

Stokke explore all the way used with both kids till the handle snapped from putting too much shopping on it

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