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New start move

vapourtrail · 01/08/2020 12:28

I have had quite a major change in circumstance and I unexpectedly need to sell the house I am living in in a London suburb. I am looking for a friendly, coastal town any where from Rochester all the way round to Worthing. I will be starting again, and feeling quiet nervous about it. It will just be me and my son who is 7 so would love to move somewhere where there are things for him to do, activities that encourage an outdoor lifestyle etc. I will need to travel to London but not on a regular basis.
I am planning on doing lots of road trips over the summer to get a feel for different places, but if anyone could give me some ideas especially if you live in any of the towns in this area I would really appreciate it.
My friend told me that if someone lived somewhere really great that they wouldn't tell me about it because the last thing they want is another pesky Londoner moving in, but if you could please just let one more in, I promise to clear up after myself Halo
I would be looking for a 3 bed house and my budget would be around £500k max.
Thank you!

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