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DD's parents evening and were told she has scored 3+ high in 'NFER' tests (they don't do sats)

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mousehole · 30/06/2009 22:52

does anyone know what this means?? - is it similar to sats??

OP posts:
seeker · 01/07/2009 00:02

What year is she? They have to d year 2 SATS - they are statutory.

PortAndLemon · 01/07/2009 02:07

Not if it's an independent school.

I think NFER tests are in reasoning/maths and reading, so yes, similar to SATS in some ways.

mousehole · 01/07/2009 21:59

she is in an indepedant school - they don't do sats but do these intead - not sure what they are - but ds is in local primary school and did do sats so do understand what they are..

OP posts:
foofi · 01/07/2009 22:02

probably means level 3 national curriculum

foofi · 01/07/2009 22:03

expectation is 2b

foofi · 01/07/2009 22:04

Sorry, am reading this back to front and drinking wine
nfer is like 11+ tests - 100 is the 'average' score, so don't see how 3+ relates?

LadyHooHa · 01/07/2009 22:09

NFER tests are English (reading, vocab, comprehension), Maths and Mental Arithmetic (or they were when DS did them last year in Y2). They're very different from SATS so far as I know, in that the children can't practise for them, and they don't know they're doing them until it happens. The results are given only to the parents and aren't used as part of the school's 'record'. The idea is that the teaching is then tailored to each child's individual needs (and we have found that this does happen in practice).

However, we were given the NFER test results as numbers, so it might be worth asking her teacher or head teacher about this. I think the maximum possible score is 130, and the expected range is somewhere between 100 and 110 (but I'm not sure about that). I would ask, because I'm not aware that NFER tests relate in any meaningful way to the National Curriculum - but I may be wrong!

notyourservant · 02/07/2009 18:58

AFAIK, the average range is 90-110 and the max is 140

singersgirl · 02/07/2009 19:40

NFER raw scores are given a correlation to an NC level, I think; there's also a probability chart for how likely a child scoring that mark is to get a particular level in Y6. They can also be converted into age-standardised scores.

katiestar · 02/07/2009 19:50

I thought the bands were called average ,moderately high and extremely high.
I thought the maximum score was 140 , but then one of DS2's friends got 286 score on his 11+ which totals VR and non VR scores ? All very mysterious

notyourservant · 02/07/2009 21:12

I imagine the 11+ scoring system is completely different as only above average dcs take the exam, therefore a score of 100 would not equate to national average, as it does in Y1-6 exams.

Does anyone know how NFER results can be compared to national curriculum levels? There must be charts available.

foofi · 03/07/2009 14:57

No, 11+ is the same, ie 140 is maximum mark, the average child will score around 100, and in a typical year the pass mark is around 115.

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