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Maternity clothes recommendations?!

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loves2plan · 24/01/2022 15:33

Wondered if anyone can help me with the best places to shop around for maternity clothes please? Still very early on but I don't want to suddenly be too big and too fussy for any of the clothes I own, especially when baby is due in sept so I'll spend most of the hottest months uncomfortable


OP posts:
MrsNT · 24/01/2022 15:38

I got some really cheap jeans from dororthy perkins sale. About 5 or 6 pound each
I wanted longer tops i.e knee lenght type ones. Got 2 3 from asos sale (all less than £10) and about 3 from h&m maternity sale..again less than 10 each.

loves2plan · 24/01/2022 15:41

Thanks @MrsNT! I'll keep an eye out on those sites

OP posts:
grey12 · 24/01/2022 15:42

Dorothy Perkins was good for jeans that aren't skinny Wink I also like HandM for tops

FebBabyNo1 · 24/01/2022 15:43

I quite rate Asda and Sainsburys maternity choices as they're very affordable (I resented spending on fortune on jeans and tops).

I also got a few nice summer dresses from New Look in the sales.

I got some more dressier stuff from ASOS and Boohoo for some weddings and special parties.

Scirocco · 24/01/2022 15:44

Probably the best value for money clothes I've got during this pregnancy have been from Isabella Oliver and TK Maxx. Isabella Oliver is pricey, but I got some jeans, loose trousers and a dress in their sale and they've been my go-to things throughout the second and third trimester. In TK Maxx, I got some nice tunics and jumpers by going up a couple of sizes, and they've worked well.

PurBal · 24/01/2022 15:46

Love leggings for (you guessed it) leggings. If you plan to breastfeed try to get nursing and maternity tops, I regret not buying more dual use stuff.

Porridgeislife · 24/01/2022 15:49

Check out Vinted and eBay as well. Lots of second hand Isabella Oliver available.

I have picked up designer maternity jeans super cheaply (like under £10 for £240 jeans) and it’s been a good way to discover what I like e.g. under bump is better for me than over bump.

yorkshireteaspoonie · 24/01/2022 15:50

Most of mine has come from new look, it's a one stop shop for basic leggings, jeans and jersey tops. ASOS also sell some of their range but they do multi packs of maternity leggings too which you end up living in.

I agree the Isabella Oliver trousers are worth it though as they are wide leg, soft and have pockets.

Ebay has tons of jojo stuff for a fraction of the cost. I've had a couple of jumpers for £4 ish each and they are still for sale at £40 + in the shop in great condition.

sosolucky · 24/01/2022 15:52

Envie de Fraise do lovely dresses that are also breastfeeding friendly. Both pre and post birth I've just wanted to live in leggings + dress!

grey12 · 24/01/2022 16:04


Love leggings for (you guessed it) leggings. If you plan to breastfeed try to get nursing and maternity tops, I regret not buying more dual use stuff.

Never used nursing tops 🤷🏻‍♀️ always found it easier to wear tops I could just lift up. So I continued using the pregnancy clothes afterwards for a few months and normal clothes that were not too tight. Maybe it's because I am slim with big boobs and those kind of tops never seem to be my size.....
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