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Elvie breast pump

12 replies

lentil88 · 17/08/2021 21:44

Does anyone have any experience with the Elvie breast pump and would you recommend? I love the idea of it but the price is crazy and I am seeing some bad reviews. Xx

OP posts:

summerhillgang · 17/08/2021 22:23



Countingchicks · 18/08/2021 07:20

I'd be interested to know too!


ANP88 · 18/08/2021 07:47

Yes! I loved mine. Amazing! Plus the service is great. Mine starting leaking one day, and they sent me a new kit within a few days.

Going hands free was the ultimate game changer after being ‘plugged in’ and stuck in bed having to pump all the time.

I went for walks, got to change and play with my ds, made lunches, drinks etc. All whilst pumping. It’s discreet, and I weighed up the cost of pumping v formula. The outlay is high, but equates to about 3 months of formula.

If I could, I would have bought two! Just couldn’t justify the cost.

Definitely worth it!

Pros are - easy, quiet, hands free.
Cons - cost, making sure you have the right fit takes some working out, and you need to empty more often that other pumps.


gingerglitter4ever · 18/08/2021 08:55

I would also love to follow this discussion!


summerhillgang · 18/08/2021 10:39

@ANP88 that's a good review! Heard it's great for smaller boobs but not so good for bigger ones. Do you have any thoughts on that?


sociallydistained · 18/08/2021 10:42

I am tempted by it too as pp mentions, the portability and just being able to get on with things sounds like a game changer! I am thinking of getting one secondhand from eBay 😬


FuckingFlumps · 18/08/2021 10:47

My friend has one and in the 3 months since her child was born she's had no end of problems with it.

She's had it replaced twice after it has stopped working. Plus there's been quite a considerable amount of times when it has leaked or the suction has not been good.

Granted she does have quite large breasts and the customer service has been good and when it works its great but her experience would put me off given the extortionate price.


Snorkello · 18/08/2021 11:19

So... first one I bought didn’t work at all. Had to take it back, so advice is buy from boots or another shop, not online, so you can exchange it easier.

They also sell different size attachments. I’m a DD and the middle size worked best, so not sure if size is an issue. I would say make sure you have a snug fitting bra on. This will help.

They come with two sizes already in the pack, medium and large. Suction didn’t work on the large for me, even though measurement wise I should have been better with the large, hence you gotta try out both.

I did have a hand held for emergencies. All electric pumps can have issues, so it’s handy to have a spare hand pump ready whichever you choose.

Ultimately, being able to pump ANYWHERE is amazing. Though you have to stay upright, so doing laundry, anything requiring bending down is out, but you can’t have it all! Plus, you have to keep checking to see how full it is, as you can’t quite see. It was a small price to pay for the ease of being able to wander about, eat dinner whilst pumping etc.


mummabubs · 18/08/2021 12:11

I can't comment on the Evie as I was put off by the price, but I've revently ordered a Fraupow which is also hands free. It's good but not perfect and I'm still using my Medela maxi swing for night pumps as it's a double pump, but I'm glad I've got it for quick pumping options when out and about/ not wanting the faff of having plug in and at £70 it felt like a much more affordable option to try compared to Elvie! Customer service at Fraupow was really good when I needed them.


saamantha19881 · 18/08/2021 13:04

I loved mine, but have also had no end of problems. They have now replaced it 4 times!! It keeps stopping working randomly


akounougakis · 01/11/2021 11:37

So I purchased this in Feb 2019 and used it for 3 months with my little one. I have to agree with most reviews the convenience factor is fantastic. I have some serious issues: 1. it leaks if you do not sit upright so avoid movements otherwise you'll have leak stains down your top! and 2. if you do not charge and update the software 'frequently enough' (how often that is I am not sure) then the battery will run flat and you cannot rechrage it. The response I received from Elvie, knowing that its a known issue, is that you need to charge/update frequently otherwise long term storage can cause the pump to be redundant. I was offered a discount but honestly a discount on a premium product is not enough. I cannot afford to buy a new pump every time I have a child and most women spend more than a year between babies!! I recommended the pump to 3 friends and I have notified them so please also do the same!!


ScheisseMinelli · 01/11/2021 11:46

I love mine. It works really well for me (and I have big boobs). Had to have parts replaced a couple of times as per other posters, but customer service really good and worth it to be able to pump hands free. Would definitely recommend

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