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Pregnacare gummies

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MrsPea93 · 31/12/2020 15:08

Hi everyone,

My midwife has advised I take the pregnacare tablets but I have a real issue swallowing larger tablets, has anyone taken the pregnacare gummies before?

Are the gummies just as beneficial as the standard oral tablet or should I just get a grip and force the tablet??

I'm struggling with nausea which is why I find any tablet larger than just standard folic acid a bit problematic at the mo!

Thanks x

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 31/12/2020 15:19

Folic acid and vitamin d is all the nhs advises.

MumToBeMaz · 31/12/2020 15:20

The gummies, tablets and liquid all have the recommended amounts of Vit D & Folic Acid but the tablets have slightly more other vitamins in them.

dementedpixie · 31/12/2020 15:22

There is no evidence that you need the other vitamins contained in the likes of pregnacare. There are other (cheaper) brands available too but all you actually need is vitamin d throughout and folic acid in the first trimester

Thisisbananas3 · 31/12/2020 15:33

No experience of the gummies but I’ve just stopped taking pregnacare tablets because I’m sure they’re making my nausea worse, sticking with vit d and folic acid.

I’ve googled it and seems a lot of people think similarly so if you’re feeling sick anyway, might be something you want to keep an eye on! X

Lou98 · 31/12/2020 15:40

I'm 19+4 weeks and I've just started taking the pregnacare tablets as my sickness was so bad I was willing to try everything, started taking them a week ago and so far have felt loads better, only been sick once the full week when I was being sick up to 10 times a day prior to this! I'm not sure about the gummies but I would definitely say they're worth a try!

MisiSam · 31/12/2020 15:59

I had really bad nausea when taking pregnacare, I switched to just folic acid and vitamin d and it went away, I've read alot of reviews about pregnacare making women feel sick so be careful they don't make you feel worse.

ALew15 · 31/12/2020 18:10

I take the normal pregnacare tablets and they're bloody massive! I have to snap them in half.
During the first trimester (up until about 20 weeks) I had HG so very rarely could swallow my tablets without being sick.

Suite88 · 31/12/2020 20:33

I had HG so I tried the gummies, unfortunately they have a rather strange taste and it lingers.

I have since found that there is a pregnacare liquid. You keep it in the fridge and it has a light orange flavour. It is so much easier to take and keep down.

MrsPea93 · 31/12/2020 21:19

Thanks for the advice, ladies..I'll give them a try and see how I go x

OP posts:
WalkingMeAway · 31/12/2020 22:07

Just get Folic Acid and Vit D. That’s all you need and the tablets are tiny

SkyBlue20 · 01/01/2021 09:22

I’ve been taking the gummies since day one (now 30 weeks) and find them fine - the taste takes some getting used to (though the newer batches seem better so think they may have changed the recipe) but they’re super easy. Like a PP said, they have slightly less of some things in them than the tablets but there’s still plenty and they’re a god send if you struggle with tablets like I do - the tablets are huge!!

Joeylucy · 01/01/2021 15:25

I take pregnacare liquid as I struggle with tablets.

MrsPea93 · 01/01/2021 17:44

@SkyBlue20 thanks, I gave them a go today and they were ok. I know what you mean about the taste, really not great but then I quickly grabbed a chocolate out of the Heroes box afterwards to mask the lingering aftertaste...seemed to do the trick! Fingers crossed though I'm not sure I can use it as an excuse to keep eating all of the chocolates reallyHalo

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