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Pregnancy knickers

15 replies

wondering7777 · 03/01/2020 07:39

Can you continue wearing your normal pants throughout pregnancy or do you need to buy bigger maternity ones - and if so, where’s the best place to get them?

My bump is getting bigger and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to keep wearing my normal knickers for much longer. I had a look on the M&S website (usually my go to for underwear) and can see maternity wear bras but no pants!

Does anyone know?

OP posts:
squee123 · 03/01/2020 08:21

I'm still wearing my usual low rise shorties at 24 weeks. They sit below my bump so I'm hoping they will be fine throughout

Ohyesyoudid · 03/01/2020 08:22

I wore my normal knickers throughout pregnancy as they were still comfortable.
I know that maternity knickers are available to buy that fit over your bump though

nocluewhattodoo · 03/01/2020 08:24

My hips expanded massively so my normal knickers dug in towards the end. I bought the biggest cotton high waisted knickers I could find at M&S a few sizes bigger. So comfortable I still wear them 3 years on, even if they are a bit baggy now!

nocluewhattodoo · 03/01/2020 08:30

They were also invaluable for containing the massive maternity pads for post birth bleeding

PetaO · 03/01/2020 08:37

These are awesome, have worn them since 20 weeks, now 35 weeks.

Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy Postpartum Underwear 5 Pack Neutral Colors Medium

plixy · 03/01/2020 08:38

I wore my normal ones throughout pregnancy but agree with pp that you may need bigger ones post birth - especially if you end up having a c section. In that case you need the biggest ones you can find!

Babyfg · 03/01/2020 08:39

I wore my normal knickers throughout pregnancy. After birth I wore disposable knickers for a couple of weeks

PooWillyBumBum · 03/01/2020 08:43

I'm still wearing normal knickers at 34 weeks. I have bought a pack of Big Knickers in the next size up to wear post partum to accommodate pads/scars/saggy belly.

Weathergirl1 · 03/01/2020 08:44

I usually wear M&S high legs. I moved onto M&S bikini briefs at about 34 weeks, 3 sizes up and then bought some no VPL (so really soft lycra) high legs 2 sizes up for postpartum as I realised they came up as high as the full briefs.

GrannyBags · 03/01/2020 08:47

I had a pack of size 20 Sloggies full briefs that an elderly aunt gave me for Christmas- I was a size 14 before pregnancy! I wore them towards the end and they were so comfy after my c section.

CornishMaid1 · 03/01/2020 08:50

It depends on what type you wear. I'm still wearing my normal ones at 30 weeks, but thinking of getting big high waist ones soon, not because mine don't fit, but because they come lower I am finding some are starting to roll down a bit! If you have low rising ones then you may still be fine.

I think a multi pack of big knickers may well be cheaper than specific maternity ones.

Nsws2015 · 03/01/2020 09:14

I have tu maternity ones and they are so comfortable! All my normal ones started rolling down early, soon as I got a bit of a bump and they were pressing into my previous c section scars so I wasnt comfy! I bloody love these over the bump ones 😂😂

McHelenz · 03/01/2020 10:51

I have m+s full briefs with no VPL. They're super comfy!

MockingJay27 · 03/01/2020 11:29

I'm still in my usual knickers at 29 weeks. I have bought some big knickers in a size up for my hospital bag / after birth for extra comfort

brightbird · 03/01/2020 11:55

Have largely switched to boxer shorts. Usual ones still fit but I was getting chafing at times from the edge of them and the increase in moisture haha!
So comfy.
(my husband had some he'd got accidentally that didn't fit him so haven't actually bought any but thinking of maybe getting extra for after the baby comes!)

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