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Treats for my feet

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Rubberyduck · 24/07/2019 19:14

Any suggestions? I am 15 weeks atm but suffer from quite swollen feet. Last pregnancy I had massive elephant feet by the end and couldn't wear shoes! I currently use sanctuary spa cooling foot gel which came in a gift set someone brought me but I cant really afford to buy a New tube every week or so as its pricey. Any ideas of a more affordable treat for my feet?

Btw I am drinking plenty of water and do raise my feet after DS goes to bed

OP posts:
Teddybear45 · 24/07/2019 20:56

reduce salt. Drink more water. Get sheer compression stockings or socks and wear them
everyday. This one from Scholl helps me but you may need higher or stronger compression

Scholl Sheer Flight Socks, Size 4-6, 2 Pairs

CrispSandwiches19 · 24/07/2019 21:20

I've been using a cocoa butter body cream. Weird but I get burning hot feet which is worse in pregnancy. It makes them.feel dry but they're not. This seems to help. Altho last night I was sat at 3 am with them in ice cold water

HappyHammy · 24/07/2019 21:21

superdrug do foot packs which are really lovely to use.

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