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Maternity swimwear for big boobs

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SRK16 · 21/04/2019 13:30

I know this has been posted about in the past, but wondering about current options.
Pre pregnancy I was 32GG and routinely got my swimwear from bravissimo. I’m now 16 weeks (and showing) and 34H. I’m going on holiday in 6 weeks and desperately searching for maternity swimwear that will actually offer some support. I can’t usually fit into the typical ‘shelf’ style swimwear and if I can, it’s not supportive enough and they end up sagging which looks terrible and is uncomfortable.

So far I’ve only found one possibility via Bravissimo but it’s nearly £60 which is hard to justify given I may only ever get use out of it on this holiday! My current swimwear is now too small on the bust and/or stomach so I can’t make do with what I have.
Has anyone found anything with good enough support for big boobs, whilst accommodating a growing belly?
I’m desperate so not 100% against the bravissimo one but it feels like such a waste.

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ELJ1502 · 21/04/2019 15:26

I was a 32h before pregnancy. I'm petrified how I'm going to grow.

I've always used shops on ebay. You can get the same bikinis bravissimo sell for about half the price. There is also a website called brastop which is fantastic and have some good deals.

Good luck!

Pinkywoo · 21/04/2019 15:37

I'm a 32GG and have just bought two tankinis from jojo maman bebe (one has flamingos on it!). I wouldn't want to go jogging in them but for wandering around the beach they're fine, and no escaping side boob!

ryanreynolds · 21/04/2019 17:12

I've just bought this from figleaves - it's not very exciting (they only had my size in black) but I love it - it's so supportive of my FF's!

I wanted it for swimming at my local leisure centre rather than a holiday but I assume their similar tankinis would also be very supportive?

angel0071987 · 21/04/2019 17:23

Can you not just buy bikini top and matching/similar style bottoms?

SRK16 · 21/04/2019 18:58

Ok maybe I’ll try figleaves.

This may sound stupid but I hadn’t even considered buying a bikini as I hate my stomach.. but maybe if I have a proper bump I won’t feel the same way?!

OP posts:
SRK16 · 21/04/2019 18:59

And jojo sounds worth a look too.
Maybe if nothing works i will just go for a bikini and a coverup for when I’m not in the pool!

OP posts:
bakewellfizz · 21/04/2019 20:13

I've got the same problem - this pregnancy and my last I have been wearing a fitted bikini top from bravissimo underneath a cheap maternity swimsuit from Asda. It doesn't look too ridiculous as you can't see the double straps but makes me feel more supported. I did do a bikini with maternity top over it but felt a bit silly.

LivingOnAPear · 21/04/2019 23:10

I feel your pain. There is a gap in the market. I’m 32 ff and found the jojo maman tankini medium was a bit big band wise and too small in the cup. It will do but isn’t very supportive for me. Another option I tried was a bikini top and matching maternity swimsuit over the top (from Asda) in same fabric so it didn’t look too weird. So maybe wear a black bikini and black maternity tankini top. I take my toddler swimming so didn’t want my belly hanging out but just wore a bikini on holiday.

SRK16 · 22/04/2019 21:25

The benefit of having horrendous bloating from IBS is that I can see what my belly may look like in six weeks time... I don’t think I pull off the adorable bump look! As only one bikini currently fits my boobs (and will not look right under a maternity cossie) it’s looking like either I get the bravissimo costume or bite the bullet & disrobe as I enter the pool to minimise my bare stomach shame. Ffs!

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