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What do you do with a child who wants pants at all costs but is clearly not quite ready?

RatOnnaStick · 27/12/2015 18:43

He doesn't yet ask for the toilet but will go if you tell him, doesn't mind being wet at all but he's started telling me no with the nappy and pulling out pants instead. We tried for a week and gave up as he was going through 3 or 4 sets of clothes in a few hours. Put nappy back on over christmas and boxing day at relatives and thought that was that til feb half term (next realistic opportunity). But this morning he has again pulled out the pants. Started off really well, got round tesco with no accidents, gone for several wee's at home (with bribery) but since mid-afternoon he's just given up again.

He's in pyjamas and nappy now but do we carry on tomorrow or put the pants away for a month and deal with the upset?

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