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4 yr old and sporadic accidents

tonythetyger · 14/03/2011 12:28

My 4 yr old ds took a long time to train but we seemed to have got there by the end of last summer. Recently he's started having accidents all over the place and in particular at school. When at school and with my nanny he has accidents at both ends, with dh and I or my parents it only seems to be weeing accidents.

When it first started at school I tried to see if there was anything happening there to make him particularly unhappy but teachers denied all knowledge of it.

Generally when he has accidents with me and dh it is either because he is having a tantrum and has lost control or he just simply forgets. Sometimes he seems aware he needs to go to the toilet and sometimes he just isn't.

Has anyone got any tips on how to solve this problem? I've tried star charts and stickers and will do them again but they don't seem to work long term.

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