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Break time question

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SugarPlumLairy2 · 21/05/2019 16:39

On another thread just found out someone’s kid gets 20 mins for lunch, and apparen5ly that’s the norm for schools in their are. Another gets a 25 minute lunch. My own child is missing lunch because of queueing, wanting to actually play or having lunch cut short for a variety of reasons.

What does your school do for breaktime? Someone said they get an hour for lunch and a morning AND afternoon break too.

It all started because I signed this petition. If you think you could sign it please do, there is an interesting g report attached stating that 85% of children nationwide wanted longer lunches so they could eat and take a break before classes start again.

You may think 90 mins is too long, that’s fine, its good to aim high in case negotiations start though. Even IF your kid is ha
Oh with lunch 85% are not, so if you can sign, for them. Please do. And if you can share on your social media, p,ease do. I cannot get over the 20 mins lunch 😔

OP posts:

HebeMumsnet · 22/05/2019 11:58

Gosh! I'd struggle to get a sandwich down in 20 minutes!

Thanks for sharing this OP. We're going to move the thread over to our surveys and petitions board where we think more people might see it.

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