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To draw your attention to BBC Crimewatch this Friday

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1234hello · 18/06/2018 17:11

Following on from this thread

The petition is now being publicised by brake and they will be covering the issue on Friday on the BBC on Crimewatch.

Please please sign and share the petition between now and 23:59 on Wednesday to show support for this.

The man killed in this case in was a friend of a mumsnetters, but sadly so many of us have similar tales to tell.

Please sign and share Flowers

OP posts:
NeverTwerkNaked · 19/06/2018 12:32

Thank you so much new signers!!

CrustyCob · 19/06/2018 12:33
NeverTwerkNaked · 19/06/2018 12:34

46 to go! Although obviously we would love to see many more signatures even after that, as it all helps add weight to the cause

sonypony · 19/06/2018 12:36

Done. Nearly there Smile

upaladderagain · 19/06/2018 12:36

Signed. All the best

LeighaJ · 19/06/2018 12:54

21 to go

EnglishBreakfastTea · 19/06/2018 12:58

Signed. Wishing you all the best Thanks

Fluffyunicorns · 19/06/2018 12:59

signed 9984

Ontheboardwalk · 19/06/2018 13:02


siwel123 · 19/06/2018 13:04

Come on not far at all

siwel123 · 19/06/2018 13:05

10 more people please do the right thing

quantende · 19/06/2018 13:06

Realised my husband had not signed it, he has now and it's at 9,999 now, best wishes to all

quantende · 19/06/2018 13:07

10k - Yes!

siwel123 · 19/06/2018 13:07

Amazing we have hit 10k!!!!
Can we get to 100k Grin

NeverTwerkNaked · 19/06/2018 13:08

10000!!! Been in a meeting and clicked to check at the perfect time!!

To draw your attention to BBC Crimewatch this Friday
backaftera2yearbreak · 19/06/2018 13:08


CrustyCob · 19/06/2018 13:20

Oh! Brilliant OP and friends!
You have done him proud.
I'm a bit teary at the thought of all your work, and what you have been through. Flowers

JohnnyKarate · 19/06/2018 13:24

Congrats OP Flowers

I truly hope this is the start of a much needed change.

LeighaJ · 19/06/2018 13:26

I'm so happy to see it reach 10k.

Whatsmymethod · 19/06/2018 13:42

Just checked in Smile.

I'm so happy it's gone over 10k.

Well done Star

AnyaMumsnet · 19/06/2018 14:12

Hi everyone,

We're really sorry but we're going to have to move this thread to petitions.

MNHQ wishes you the best with your campaign Flowers

1234hello · 19/06/2018 14:14

Also just checking in..this is fantastic. Well done everyone else for getting this over the line. Flowers

OP posts:
Shannaratiger · 19/06/2018 14:17

Signed, now on 10,072.

MollyHuaCha · 19/06/2018 15:18

Great result. 

Whatsmymethod · 19/06/2018 15:19

Thanks for signing Shannaratiger Star

Still going up 10,097

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