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Corrie McKeague

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Hidingtonothing · 22/07/2017 13:00

Corrie is the RAF gunner who disappeared last September on a night out in Bury St Edmonds. Yesterday the police announced they are halting the search of Milton landfill site despite maintaining this is where they believe Corrie's body to be. His family are devastated as you can imagine, no one should have to picture landfill as their loved ones' resting place. A petition has been started and also an email campaign to show public support for the continuation of the search. The petition is here if anyone would like to sign and you can also email the Police and Crime Commissioner:
Telephone: 01473 782773
Email: [email protected] if you would like to show support.

OP posts:
RebeccaMumsnet · 22/07/2017 19:01

Hi all,

We have moved this over to our petitions topic now. Please do keep posting to keep the thread in active.

HeyRoly · 22/07/2017 19:02

It's terrible for the family, I have every sympathy for them, but I think it's right to call off the search. So much public money has been spent already. How much more should be spent? It can't be limitless.

LuluJakey1 · 22/07/2017 19:03

I think that enough money and time has been spent looking for him. He made a choice to get very drunk and sleep in strange, risky places. It must be hard for the family but we can't just go on and on with this search. The police think he may have been incinerated.

Palomb · 22/07/2017 19:08

I completely agree with Morris. It must be bloody awful for Corries family that they don't have a body to bury but over a million pounds is ridiculous when there are living people in desperate need of police help who can't have it due to cuts.

IHaveBrilloHair · 22/07/2017 19:12

This was another case with a FB group full of mainly women hunning and being idiotic, acting as if they knew more than the authorities.

greendale17 · 22/07/2017 19:29

The mother is now talking about suing the police- I don't think she has helped matters at all in the whole investigation.

I think he has gone AWOL

tangledup123 · 22/07/2017 19:34

Desperately sad for his family but it's not an appropriate use of resources, as there wasn't a crime.

You don't know that for certain. Nor can anyone say with certainty that he was sleeping in the bin. It's the most likely explanation but it's not a fact.

GelfBride · 22/07/2017 19:34

What Greendale said in entirety.

CalmItKermitt · 22/07/2017 19:42

It's sad for the family but it's ludicrous to keep chucking money away. He wasn't murdered; he got pissed and came unstuck. NO way is it appropriate to throw resources away that could be better spent.

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday · 22/07/2017 21:18

"I think he has gone AWOL"

Why would he do that?

SuperBeagle · 22/07/2017 21:21

I support halting the search. This has been a huge expensive both in monetary and manpower terms and there's no certainty or even probability that his remains are there.

His mother rubs me the wrong way but that's a separate issue.

manhowdy · 22/07/2017 21:34

Huge sympathies with the family on this. I have a son who has got in one or two awful drunken states and so easily could have got hurt. As a mum I'd never want them to stop looking until he was found. But I do see it from the other side too and wonder if the family should be funding a private search if they want this to continue (assuming that's even possible).

MoonfaceAndSilky · 22/07/2017 21:52

I think he has gone AWOL

Didnt a delivery driver allegedly see him after the last known cctv footage? I don't think it's as cut and dried as it seems.

MSLehrerin · 22/07/2017 22:00

It's just such a sad situation, especially for his family. I read somewhere (can't remember where or whether it was a reliable or credible source) that he frequently headed for bins to sleep in when he'd had too much to drink.

It's just horrific to think that something terrible has happened to him, whatever that may be.

Police have put in a huge effort to find him - I didn't realise it cost a million pounds though. I fully understand why his mum wants them to continue but it's where you draw the line I suppose. An awful situation.

Twinkie1 · 22/07/2017 22:02

It's all really really dodgy. His own mother called him a social hand grenade. She's fine more to hamper the investigation by going on TV, slating the police and setting up her own incident lines. All v v strange.

MSLehrerin · 22/07/2017 22:04

Is his mum a police officer too?

Hadn't realised they were looking at incineration. I did wonder if the crushing mechanism in the bin lorry would've been what they'd's just horrific.

Dailystuck71 · 22/07/2017 22:09

Yes she is. Local to us too.

MSLehrerin · 22/07/2017 22:13

I wonder how the police as her employer are reacting to her slating them on national television?

SuperBeagle · 22/07/2017 22:15

I didn't think she was an active police officer at the time he disappeared? But I could be wrong.

MSLehrerin · 22/07/2017 22:18

I've just Googled and she appears to be a Family Liaison Officer.

MumIsRunningAMarathon · 22/07/2017 22:39

She's with police Scotland not Suffolk police.

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday · 22/07/2017 22:46

We all know where poor Keith Bennett is, but not the exact spot- the police had to give up searching for him too. It must be absolutely horrific for the parents, family and friends but they cannot expect the police to carry on looking forever.

NextInLine · 27/07/2017 09:49

I was saddened to see that they'd called off the search of the landfill, but it makes sense. The landfill is huge and he could be anywhere in there. It is truly awful for his family.
Was it even the same driver who collected the bins who took the waste to landfill on the Monday?

Gingernaut · 01/08/2017 23:43

The search for Corrie has moved to an incinerator and burnt remains requiring further analysis.

BBC link

SnickersWasAHorse · 08/08/2017 16:13

Thought people might be interested to know that a local business man is going to fund the search

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