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Please help me make a stand (special interest to any calderdale dwellers)

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GreedyGrabbersTheyAre · 02/12/2013 18:45

Ok my kids attend a fab nursery but the nursery is having problems at the moment due to a proposed development build next door

Now the area that they are thinking of developing is super tiny but they are convinced that they can get three houses and parking in it!!!

All this on a back lane road with no parking and no paths!! The roads will be closed for months and the nursery will be affected

I also worry about the children's safety

Please if you can submit a comment to the application via the calderdale council website this all has to be done by tonight!! (You will have to register)

Enter application number 13/01386/FUL

Please please help us stop this and thank you to anyone who does I know this May seem like a petty thing but to us it is huge!

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JulieMumsnet · 02/12/2013 19:10


We're going to move this into our lovely petitions section for you. Smile


GreedyGrabbersTheyAre · 02/12/2013 19:19

Thanks Julie x

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