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Best trikes for 1 year old?

5 replies

hollyjolls · 07/12/2022 21:22

My parents want to get DS a trike for Christmas and are asking me to have a look and see which ones look good. Does anyone have one you recommend?

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NotEnoughMud · 07/12/2022 21:28

Look up Scuttlebugs. DD 4 got one at 1 and still loves it


Atinytrolley · 08/12/2022 05:49

Second Scuttlebug! DS loved his.


IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 08/12/2022 06:44

Don't get a Smartrike.Lots of style, no substance.


LulusMiniEgg · 08/12/2022 06:51

Micro scooters are fab! This 3 in 1 one is good cos you can remove all the bits as they grow so lasts a few years. My kids loved them. The scuttle bug never really got used imo.


hollyjolls · 08/12/2022 06:52

We have a scuttlebug that was given to us but it's hardly been used, maybe it will in a few months but his balance isn't great yet and he's never been very interested in it. Will have a look at smartrike thanks.

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