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Need toy suggestions for 7.5 month old

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Latecomer131 · 13/07/2022 10:09

Clueless first time mother here. I have a feeling my DS is getting bored during the day and would like suggestions for toys for his current stage of development. Most things that I have found online seem to be aimed at newborns or much older kids (12 months plus).

DS is 7.5 months. He's been crawling for the past month and he can stand when holding onto things like a coffee table etc, but needs a little bit of help (can't quite pull himself up unless the item he is using for support is really low), so he's a little way off cruising.

He's got a Jumperoo already, but it's smaller toys that I am interested in getting suggestions for. The crinkle toys and rattles just aren't as interesting to him as they were a month or two back. However, he still seems a bit too young for stacking rings, etc as he just takes the rings off and sticks them in his mouth Grin.

Any ideas on what would keep him entertained at this stage? (In case it's relevant, he's obsessed with messing around with latches and handles that are at crawling height.)

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Barrawarra · 13/07/2022 10:21

Melissa and Doug have a latches board that he may enjoy. From memory, that age enjoyed flashy singing things a lot. The galt eggs are always popular and grow well with them. Things with different bits to fiddle with and explore.

NannyR · 13/07/2022 10:32

Look up treasure baskets and heuristic play - you've probably got loads of stuff in your house that doesn't look like toys but would keep a baby entertained for hours.

With regards to the stacking rings, he's still playing with them even if he's only taking them off and sucking them to an adults eyes. He's learning how to take them off and eventually he will learn that they go back on again, but he'll only learn that by playing with them in his own way.

If he's showing interest in the rings, you might want to try giving him a mug tree or kitchen roll holder and a variety of rings of different sizes and textures to explore - charity shops are great for this sort of thing, they often have lots of bangles for sale, you could use curtain rings as well.

Stevienickssnickers · 13/07/2022 11:30

My 4yo still loves a latch board - there's one at playgroup and he waits till all the toddlers have finished and then pounces! I did a lot of treasure baskets with random toys and "real world" items. Stacking cups. Sensory scarves. Big foil emergency blanket. Disco lights or light up toys. Any sort of old make up bag/handbag with a zip and compartments. Old tissue box that he can pull things out of.

MolliciousIntent · 13/07/2022 19:00

He doesn't need toys. Take a bunch of things from round the house of different sizes and textures, put them in a box and let him explore them.

MeridianGrey · 13/07/2022 19:11

Those ring things are perfect, he is playing with even if he isn’t stacking them. Mine liked big vehicles at that age, would spin the wheel and push them/crawl after them. Also stacking cups which will be played with in the bath for years. I also had a small wooden toy with four men than could be pushed down and would spring up into the air which mine found hilarious at this age. Wooden blocks are a must too even if just for you to pile up so he can knock them over!

Latecomer131 · 13/07/2022 21:36

Thanks everyone, this has given me some good ideas and I will definitely look into a latch board.

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SabrinaT92 · 30/07/2022 19:20

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Sbena · 30/07/2022 20:01

Mine absolutely LOVES the measuring cups from the kitchen.

AliceW89 · 30/07/2022 20:34

Sbena · 30/07/2022 20:01

Mine absolutely LOVES the measuring cups from the kitchen.

Mine too. Still likes to play with them now at 2! I second everyone else saying to not bother with toys and use stuff around the house.

Lullabies2Paralyze · 30/07/2022 20:45

Seems like an old post but following in case anyone adds anything else as I want some inspo for when my 4 month old gets a bit older

also, at what age do people get their kids musical instruments like kiddie xylophones etc? I feel apart from a couple of rattles, we don’t have any musical toys for him yet.

Allthecoloursoftherainbow · 31/07/2022 21:15

Around that age I got mine one of those cubes with different activities on each side and a bead maze on the top. Quite a big one to help her stand of and play with it

minipie · 31/07/2022 21:21

Not a toy suggestion but for the trying to pull up stage. Get a strong cardboard or plastic box, fold the flaps inwards, half fill it with books or other heavy stuff.

Perfect to learn to pull up with, as it has a vertical edge they can hold on to and pull on, unlike eg a coffee table or sofa.

twoandcooplease · 31/07/2022 21:33

My DS loves the toys from Lamaze. I think they have a selection in some Tesco's

Dipsydoodlenoodle · 31/07/2022 21:38

My 8 month old likes noisy flashy toys and stacking cups (she has no idea what they are but she loves knocking my towers down, looking at them and chasing the loose cups around).

Imaginary · 01/08/2022 11:41

As others have mentioned: stacking cups, stacking rings, blocks, simple shape sorters.
Even if these toys are a bit advance for now, that's fine. The baby will find his way to play with them.

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