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Games/toys/activities for a 10 month old - help!

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IslandGirl5 · 28/06/2021 12:02

My DD is 10 and a half months old and sleeping less in the day and wanting to play more. We’ve also recently moved overseas to my DHs home country and until we get a car I’m rather stuck in the house. We live up a VERY steep hill and if I’m going out with her ive got to consider getting back 😅 I do it a few times a week to just get out and get to know the place but it’s not something I want to do every day! DH has started work last week (I start part time end of July when I get my work permit) and this post is basically here to ask for ideas on what to do with DD throughout the day! We have toys, don’t want too much TV but she does get some, I baby wear when trying to do housework etc I just need some more ideas on how to keep her stimulated and entertained. First and only child right now also: thank you!

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Fieldings15 · 28/06/2021 12:04

Trying to remember what my toddler liked at that age... Think the stacking cups were a winner, you can get them most places or online. Also anything that made a noise, shaking banging etc. And good story books, the ones by Julia donaldson got us through the first lockdown! Hope this helps

IslandGirl5 · 28/06/2021 12:12

@Fieldings15 thank you for replying! Yes her stacking ups are a favourite too! I also should mention a lot of her bigger, more interactive toys, are in our shipment from the U.K. that has been stuck in dubai for over a month! As we can’t buy much out here, it’s quite a remote area! I feel bad, all her books, Walker etc are on their way! I’ll look at getting some more noisy toys wherever I can!

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OhTheTastyNuts · 28/06/2021 12:28

At that age DS1 loved posting stuff. So a cardboard box with a rectangular hole cut in the top and he'd fill it up with whatever he could find.

He also loved rolling things down ramps. Cars/balls/whatever. I just googled click clack track which brought up images of the type of thing I mean.

Hand puppets. Aqua doodle. A pop up tent/tunnel.

Caspianberg · 28/06/2021 13:33

Mine is a few months older, but with the warm weather he likes being outside a lot. If you have a garden then out there as much a possible. We bought a sandpit and he has water in a baby bath and plays in them most days

Pigeonorcoot · 28/06/2021 13:44

I'm impressed at you babywearing a 10.5 month old! I mainly just follow mine around the house and try to stop her killing herself while she carries on with her reign of destruction Hmm

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 28/06/2021 13:48

Pots and a wooden spoon
Tub of water to splash around or a bath.
Touchy books.

starlight36 · 28/06/2021 13:51

Music instruments and children's nursery songs
Easy wooden puzzles - fitting simple shapes into a board
Toys with different textures and noises

Pigeonorcoot · 28/06/2021 14:21

Sorry, that wasn't particularly helpful.

Some ideas:
Arrange a kitchen cupboard so the bottom shelves are safe (Tupperware etc) and let them empty it. Similarly let them "help" unload the dishwasher/washing machine.

Feed the sock monster: sock over hand as puppet, baby passes blocks to sock monster who "eats" them (aka squirrels them away)

Mine is just starting to put objects into containers but only with a lot of praise.. ditto rolling balls back and forth and kind of trying to stack..

IslandGirl5 · 28/06/2021 16:48

Thanks guys these are all really helpful! I like the posting thing and ramps idea, I can DIY some of this. We have so much in shipment I don’t want to re buy and I can’t have her on the floor in the kitchen and laundry room as we’ve moved to an island and there’s often bugs as they’re around the outside of the house! If that makes sense at all…

@Pigeonorcoot this is why I have to carry her most places 😂 built up that mum strength I think here 😂😂

OP posts:
Pigeonorcoot · 28/06/2021 20:13

Haha, I don't blame you! The "biggest spider in the world" ran under our fridge - right next to DD's playpen - a few days ago (completely harmless of course) and it did make me wonder how parents cope in places where the wildlife is less innocuous.

FizzingWhizzbee123 · 28/06/2021 20:27

Sensory bottles. Fill 500ml bottles with various items like rice, dried chickpeas, mini Pom poms, water beads, glitter or oil and coloured water etc.

PippinStar · 28/06/2021 20:35

My 9 month old likes sensory bins. I just fill a low-sided plastic box with oats, or rice, or water, and add a few scoops and spoons and some toys. Or just fill it with a random assortment of baby-safe things, like brushes and whisks and unopened bags of sugar (things that feel or sound interesting) and she just feels those and shakes them etc.

Otherwise, toy cars, magnets low-down on the fridge, paddling pool in the garden, or splashing in the bath and using pouring cups in there.

IslandGirl5 · 29/06/2021 05:36

Haha @Pigeonorcoot I had my first alive cockroach the other day and ended up batting it outside and off the veranda with a sweeping brush while squealing if this helps 😂😂

@FizzingWhizzbee123 this is a great idea! We’ve got loads of dried food thank you! And @PippinStar I love this idea too. We’ve got plenty she can play with like that

Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

OP posts:
languagelover96 · 29/06/2021 08:07

This is a list of ideas
Songs to catchy music
Easy baby books for reading as a family etc
Baby art classes
Baby toys (try websites like Argos and Amazon)
Paddling pool
Tub of water for water play

Crowsaregreat · 29/06/2021 08:12

Your kitchen cupboards are your treasure trove! Mine love saucepans and stacking bowls. A little shopping basket they can put things in, take out, carry around, hide things in upside down. A piece of material you can wrap around things and yourself, wave in the air, lay out on the floor. Balls. Sensory things like cold noodles or spaghetti. There's loads you can play with without actual toys.

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