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Baby bouncer for newborn?

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newmum234 · 16/05/2020 11:48

Is it worth buying a baby bouncer or something similar for my newborn? When he’s on his changing mat on the kitchen table, he seems to enjoy looking around and taking in what’s going on. But it struck me that he really only gets to do this when being changed, as the rest of the time he’s either in his carrycot snoozing or being fed and focusing on that.

I found these on the John Lewis website, but they’re very pricey. Also it says they’re suitable from birth, but I thought newborns were meant to lie flat for most of the time?


This thread is quite old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’re looking for bouncers, we’ve recently updated our best baby bouncer page with lots of great options tried and tested by MNHQ and real parents. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
TheCraicDealer · 16/05/2020 22:38

We had a £20 Argos bouncer inherited from my neice and nephew which was great. The vibrate function was brilliant for calming refluxy DD.

The BabyBjorn does fold which is handy, but Joie do a folding vibrating one with a mobile/toy bar included (have to buy separately for the BB) for about £60. If I had to buy one I'd get one of those. It's probably a bit precious but I'm a bit wary of buying secondhand at the moment- annoying as I was looking a jumperoo for DD but definitely don't want to pay full price for a new one!

ZooKeeper19 · 17/05/2020 10:09

@newmum234 as for How long can a 3 or 4 week old sit in the bouncer? the answer is as long as you need but not longer. They say it is not good for their motion development to be in it too much as it does not encourage them to move. We have generally used it to get things done, so he was in it while I did laundry, house chores or fed the cats. I'd say 20-30 minutes at a time and then we swapped him to the cot, floor, pram and so on.

PrayingandHoping · 17/05/2020 10:13

Have a look at the tinylove 3in1 rocker. It lays flat so is suitable for a newborn (I used it for baby to sleep in daytime downstairs) and then sits more upright as baby grows

HarrietM87 · 17/05/2020 15:01

Another baby bjorn recommendation - get one off eBay! The fabric is fully washable. The fact it’s simple is actually a huge bonus - the baby learns to bounce itself (it’s really well balanced so easy for them to bounce), you can fold it up, it’s lightweight etc. In my experience some babies love vibrating/swinging ones but some hate them, but all babies love the baby bjorn.

HarrietM87 · 17/05/2020 15:02

Oh and it has different settings from flat to upright as well

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