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Newbie alert - I'm sorry if you all of a sudden see me everywhere

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FirstTimeMumCharlotte · 05/07/2016 13:52

Hello everyone,
New to the group
30 weeks pregnant with first child
People to talk to who are in the same boat would be lovely

OP posts:

Gruach · 05/07/2016 14:02


Don't think of MN as a "group". It's hundreds of thousands of individual users - people who post and people who just read invisibly.


FlissMumsnet · 09/07/2016 11:42

Welcome FirstTimeMumCharlotte,

Hope you enjoy being part of Mumsnet.
Take a look on the Pregnancy topic as i'm sure you'll find loads of people to talk to there.


Coconut0il · 11/07/2016 16:49

Definitely check out the pregnancy board. There's also a sleep section and an infant feeding section for when your baby is here.

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