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Sperm morphology (abnormal heads)

Abbie199212 · 21/02/2022 08:38

Hi everyone, would love some advice on sperm morphology, especially head defects.

We have been TTC for about 5 months so not long in the grand scheme of things but I got us both some basic fertility tests to check everything was normal. I was so convinced if anything was wrong it would be on my side but turns out all fine for me but my husbands sperm morphology came back pretty abnormal (2% normal forms and 98% head defects)

His motility and count were both well above average.

He’s on fertilaid, coenzyme q10 and has stopped smoking but I can’t help but feel really worried about all these abnormal sperm heads 😭 surely this is where the DNA is and the shape is what helps penetrate the egg?

Our doctor didn’t seem overly concerned and told us to keep trying but ICSI would be a good option for us if we had no luck.

Does anyone have any insight or have any success stories with similar results? Thanks so much! X

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