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user1499106327 · 03/07/2017 20:00

Beware of gaming sites, better to stay away from them. I am an IT consultant and just discovered my daughter was being groomed by a user from one of these sites, namely movie start planet. I have no problem naming them after what I saw what was happening to my daughter. I don't want to pursue other channels because I don't have time to deal with it, but felt obliged to let parents know. My daughter was lying to me about who this person was , a friend from school! Only after I checked against the email address and investigated the what's app picture did I discover an uncanny resemblance with a 44 year old woman on Instagram posing similarly as a young child using snapshot to change her appearance in the same way (whiskers etc.), the giveaway was the indent on the bottom right of her cheek, the same indent in the what's app photo as the Instagram account - everything else had been photoshopped. The subjects included self harm and kms (kill my self ), and promoted by creating discussion with horror movies. I was very lucky with my 13 year old who now understands how she was being manipulated, I showed her the Kayleigh movie and the movie "Trust" and after a lot of discussion she is completely out of it. My daughter had become addicted to speaking with her so called friend day and night and when I restricted her access she got angry and upset. Today she doesn't care anymore! But because my wife had posed as a friend they have tried sending her messages to provoke any kind of reaction to continue a conversation, having blocked her from my daughters mobile (I have confiscated the mobile and will be changing the mobile! Not just the number).
Interestingly they write to my wife how worried they/she was about "Jake", so they are also targeting a lad called Jake. Seems to me like a team of traffickers targeting kids and in my case over two years! They established a sister like bond and had my daughter obeying their orders, simple stuff at first and then the sinister self harm stuff, using terms like Cutting, and my daughter even tried, thank God only with a broken phone card and nothing else.
So don't trust so called security invigilators of web sites running these games, they are quite frankly amateurs in an inherently insecure platform. Any IT security professional would have these sites closed down if they hosted sensitive corporate information (including myself), so why would you allow your kids to be less secure than corporates!
Wake up and stop using these sites! Supervision is not good enough because kids talk to each other and find ways to establish "friends" online. Please please please stay away from these sites.

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