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Noisy and Aggressive Neighbours

Jenny234 · 17/03/2014 16:01

Can anyone offer advice please? We live next to a pub which, until recently, has been a nice village pub where families could go. We could always hear their music, but as a low hum through the walls which didn't bother us.

But recently the pub tenants changed, and they have been holding live music that pounds through our walls (we are joined to them). The first time it happened we asked them could they please turn it down, and we were told to get knotted. We and a couple of other neighbours complained to Environmental Health and the local Licensing Department. We thought it was under control, until last week I left my house and the landlady chased after me. She said that our complaints hadn't worked, 'round one to them', 'this is war', and that we'd be getting a little visit soon (I dread to think who from). We have also had people kicking our front door. I was frightened and called the police. They spoke to the pub, but came back and said that the landlady denied her intimidating behaviour, and since there were no witnesses there is nothing further they can do. They originally suggested mediation between ourselves and the pub, but since then one of our neighbours has made a formal complaint about the noise so they feel mediation is no longer appropriate.

I'm nervous of leaving the house, and despite the fact that Environmental Health have spoken with them, their music is still pounding through the walls. Apparently because they have a music license we can't stop the live bands, even though we feel that a drum kit, acoustic guitars and all the rest of the equipment, all amplified, is too much for a small village pub. We've had enough of it all, and we're putting our house on the market this week, but we're not too hopeful about selling with all this going on. Does anyone have any ideas please? Any suggestions very gratefully accepted:-;

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