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Haematoma after miscarriage

Applecidervinegars · 08/05/2019 16:54

Hi there
Hoping someone can shed some light on my quite specific questions. I had a natural miscarriage at home at 10 weeks, this took place about 11 days ago. I felt my body had done the work of clearing the contents and I stopped bleeding about 5 or 6 days afterwards. I had a scan at the EPU 6 days after miscarriage began and the sonographer confirmed that most of the products had passed but that there was a 24mm haematoma or clot still there. She said she wasn't too worried about infection or need for surgical management and the body may start up the bleeding again to pass it soon, or it may pass in my next period.

My questions are:

If I won't get a negative pregnancy test until this clot has passed ..then will there be a next period (in the traditional sense?) Because I presumably won't ovulate and resume cycles if the body still thinks it's pregnant ?

I know I am to go into hospital if I feel ill or any sign of infection but if I feel fine and I am still here in 2 more weeks and no sign of any further bleeding or clot passing or period do I go for rescan? Is it likely they would want to surgically manage me if the clot is still there?

We are keen to start trying again asap. If I do somehow manage to ovulate with the clot still unpassed (no idea if this is possible) does it put any potential future pregnancy at risk i.e. being in there with a clot? (Stuff has come up on Google about clots in pregnancy when trying to search this issue)

Scary one: is there any way the clot can pass into the blood stream and travel in the body i.e. become a brain clot etc? That might sound stupid but just wanted to check.

Can anyone tell me how long it took them to get a negative pregnancy test and ovulate after a miscarriage at 10 weeks ?


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