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So confused about my miscarriage

Mileymoocow · 28/10/2017 16:35

I was 5 weeks pregnant and have had a miscarriage. I started bleeding yesterday morning, which started off fairly light and progressed to about the same as a normal period with period-like cramps. My emergency gynae took me in this morning for a scan, though I had to do a pregnancy test before they did a vaginal one and the result came back negative. I had done a clearblue and 2 frer's earlier in the week which all have positive results, the clearblue reading 2-3 weeks pregnant. I haven't passed any clots bigger than a grain of rice, so should I expect it to continue for much longer? I've bled on and off all day today, too. I also hadn't expected the hormone level to drop so quickly in a day to give a negative test.

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