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MMC, 2 Erpc's, 2 antibiotics, molar?

MonkeyPoozzled76 · 15/09/2016 17:40

Just after advice or experiences if anyone has been in a similar position.....need to keep calm and get through week five of ongoing issues. (It's long so thanks for reading)

I had a MMC four weeks ago today. I was 10+3 baby measured 10+. I had an ERPC the next day. I continued to bleed for three weeks and continued to get postive HPT's, I also needed a week of antibiotics for a suspected infection. After a few calls to the EPU I was asked to come back in for a scan last Wednesday. I was found to have retained products and told only option was to have another ERPC with a camera, to be carried out by a Consultant. This was done last Thursday and was physically much harder than the first one. I was told I wouldn't bleed much after.

I was discharged on the same day bleeding heavily and passing grey/white bits (awful). This calmed down but have been bleeding heavily again since Monday and have cramps. I spoke to my GP yesterday, she has been fab. She'd got hold of the Consultant who called me back in today. I've had another scan, inconclusive, womb full of blood and given me another course of antibiotics just in case. I've also been told I've got fiberiods (small internal and external) plus a cyst on my left ovary. He has booked me in for a followup with him next week re bleeding and will see me in two months re the fiberiods and cyst. I'm still getting positive pregnancy tests. I've also been told my hystology results are being chased, I know samples were sent after each ERPC to test for a Molar pregnancy.

I'm just so worried, this was my first and much longed for pregnancy, I'm 40 next month. When I thought I just needed to recover from the first surgery then I could try again I was coping although still heartbroken for the baby I'd lost.

Now I just don't know what to think, complications, posible partial mole, more interventions. I'm just so frightened, nobody I know has experienced anything like this so any experience of getting through complications following a MMC would be most appreciated.

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