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Retained products?

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BuggerlugsTheFirst · 07/07/2012 09:45

Morning. I suffered my 2nd MC on Wednesday night / Thursday morning and the bleeding is slowing but my boobs are still swollen. After my last MC they deflated the day i passed the main stuff.

I'm a bit concerned that i have retained products but thankfully i have a scan on Thursday booked, if i do have RP will it be a D&C? How long will i be out of action for as we are getting another dog as a baby substitute.

OP posts:
blackteaplease · 07/07/2012 09:51

I had retained products but it wasn't enough for a d&c so they sent me home to let it pass naturally. Not all of it came out and i had to go back for a 2nd scan then they suctioned it out.

Basically you have the option of d&c or natural. D&c is quicker.

Yearling · 07/07/2012 12:05

Sorry for your loss. I had an ERPC in May, was in hospital for 6 hours but most of that was waiting to have the op. I think the op itself takes about 30 minutes, then 2 or 3 hours recovery time depending on the individual. I got home at 7pm in the evening, had some food and went to bed. Didn't fancy walking the dog in the morning as was feeling a bit dizzy and bloody (tmi, sorry) but I did the afternoon walk, albeit rather slowly! So only really physically out of action for 24 hours in my experience.

Yearling · 07/07/2012 12:16

However, I'm not working at the moment so didn't have to worry about that. I think you get signed off for 3-5 days following an erpc. Emotionally I was quite drained and would have needed a week off work. I bled lightly for about a week.

Clementine79 · 07/07/2012 15:13

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Daisybell1 · 07/07/2012 19:32

I had an erpc on Monday. I went in at 8 and had my op at 12ish. The anesthetist was gorgeous (I have developed a slight crush...) and everyone was very compassionate.

I was home about 5ish, demolished a curry and went to bed (got the best night's sleep since my bfp). I was groggy the next day, and weds. I had to be up and about on Thursday as they'd forgotten to give me anti-D which I had to sort, and then about on Friday.

I only felt happy driving on Friday and only then short distances.

Today I took dd and my retired sheepdog to a dog show and had a fair buggy/dog walk afterwards. The sunshine and red wine are helping...

If you do go in I recommend taking something to do before hand - I knit so took that, and afterwards I had an audiobook - I couldn't have read, but I was happy to doze listening to the story.

Irishmammybread · 07/07/2012 21:07

Hi, so sorry to hear of your losses, it's a horrible time and the wait to go in to the EPU for the scan is difficult too.
I've had two miscarriages ,one in March at 11 weeks and one in June at 6 weeks.
With the first MC I started spotting on a Saturday, phoned the EPU and was booked for a scan on the following Thursday. The bleeding had progressed and was very heavy on the night before I went in with large clots(sorry if tmi) but when I was scanned they could still see retained products though the baby had gone. I was advised to try expectant management ,the bleeding slowed down but then over the next weekend started up again and I passed a lot more including a quite large mass that was the placenta. My next scan was the following week and they said there was some thickening there so they thought there were still retained products .I was booked for a further scan in 2 weeks. Even though I only had a slight bit of spotting after that at my next scan they said it was resolved. I was glad I had opted for natural management but I suppose it was quite prolonged.
When I had my last miscarriage I started bleeding on a Friday and the EPU couldn't see me till the next Friday, I had a few days of heavy bleeding but by the time I was scanned the miscarriage was complete.
There's still a chance you may go on to miscarry completely before Thurs, good luck with whatever happens, look after yourself.

KatAndKit · 09/07/2012 10:13

I'm sorry it hasn't been over quickly for you. Even when I had medical management last time I was still passing "stuff" for a few days afterwards so I wouldn't worry about retained products just yet, it only becomes an issue after a few weeks when there then becomes a risk of infection. The first time I had the ERPC and it was a quick and easy procedure from a physical point of view, so definitely worth considering if things are dragging on and you want it to be over with faster. Technically you are good to go a couple of days after an ERPC but it is generally expected you will need at least a week off work as it is not just the physical recovery that you have to think about.

BuggerlugsTheFirst · 09/07/2012 15:15

Hello. Thanks for everyone who has posted. Its really useful to hear about other womens experiences.

Well on Saturday night i crawled upstairs whilst trying to eat bread to enable me to take some pain relief, flopped in the bath and passed more 'stuff'. My right boob is still inflated so hopefully the scan on Thursday will reveal all.

The new dog was collected, rather unexpectedly today and is currently asleep with his head on my foot.

OP posts:
birdofthenorth · 10/07/2012 19:40

Good luck with your dog Smile I found cuddling my mutts very therapeutic after my two mcs.

I was fine pretty much straight after my ERPC- much better recovery than when I didn't have one.

Sorry for your loss x

BuggerlugsTheFirst · 11/07/2012 16:39

Thanks for posting. The bleeding has slowed and i just got a very very feint bfp which im not worried about as im still bleeding a bit. I've cancelled my scan tomorrow and have been told to re-test in 1 week and if BFP get another scan.

The Dr has signed me off for another week and for some stupid fecking reason i feel guilty for having 3 weeks off. What a nob.

OP posts:
AprilMeadow · 11/07/2012 19:35

I had a mc 5wks ago and it took about 16 days after to get a bfn. If you still get a pos next week, perhaps just give an extra day or two as the hormone level might just be slightly above what it needs to be.

Take care of yourself x

nosleepwithworry · 12/07/2012 06:55

Oh no buggerlugs, please dont say you feel stupid and like a nob becuase you DEFINITELY are not.

There is abslutely no predicting how these cuing fing things will go, in fact why would you predict this, its not meant to happen to you at all is it?

Ive had loads of mcs, some for eg started on the Friday, finished by Sunday, i was back at work Monday, many of them however caused me lots of trouble for up to 6 weeks later, i took this time off because i felt so very unwell physically.........not to mention emotionally. (and im as ard as 10 men me!)

Try to accept that this is a God awful thing that has happened to you twice, it doesnt matter if it takes 3 weeks or 10 weeks, you have lost 2 precious babies, you deserve time to heal.

Just to say, it sometimes took me up to a week for pregnancy symptoms to dampen, and i got +pregancy tests for up to 2 weeks after bleeding had stopped, those hormones can hang around for quite a while.
hugs to you...//[[[]]]

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