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Staffordshire bull terrier attack

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SueW · 15/02/2008 19:24

I don't really know anything about dogs but I thought staffies were the ones that everyone always says are harmless, even though bull terriers?

OP posts:
Vacua · 16/02/2008 09:12

It's very unusual, it's dog-dog aggression that they were bred for - to bait dogs and get them ready for a fight. But you can 'make' any dog vicious and aggressive to children, even the so-called 'nanny dog' staffie.

smartiejake · 16/02/2008 09:23

There are lots of breeds of dog around and they could all be dangerous in the wrong hands but how many of you have heard News stories about children being savaged by a spaniel or poodle?

Some breeds are POTENTIALLY more dangerous that others due to their size and strength

Vacua · 16/02/2008 09:29

a springer spaniel is much bigger and heavier than a 'breed standard' staffie though? a great dane is even bigger, or a st bernard or a belgian shepherd dog - I think the kennel club should lead the way in encouraging breeders to breed out the aggressive tendencies

2shoesisabirdkiller · 16/02/2008 21:36

staffies are beautif dogs in the hands of good responsible owners(there are a few on here)
sadly they have become the mascot dog of many a young man who just seem to want to parade around with them.
we have had 2 and the diffence in temprament was amazing. both were kennel club registered and chapions blood in them. but the first one was still bloody firey.
I think all dog owners...of all breeds should be made to undergo training by law.

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