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Sion Jenkins on radio 4

18 replies

InTheHouse · 17/04/2007 09:22

Anyone else heard him just now?

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niceglasses · 17/04/2007 10:17

I heard bits of it in between dropping off the kids. Hummmmmm, is all I can say. What did you think??

breadandroses · 17/04/2007 10:23

Oh I listened to this and I thought

If you've written yr book as a letter to yr daughters then why feckin publish it

Spidermama · 17/04/2007 10:25

I think it's natural he'd want to publish it. Everyone has an opinion about this man after all (as this thread shows) so he can be forgiven for feeling the need to have his say in public.

fishie · 17/04/2007 10:27

i haven't heard it but find this whole series (on the ropes) really unpleasant, it was originally interviews with people who had overcome adversity but has turned into a whine fest for crims.

breadandroses · 17/04/2007 10:28

Then why lie and say it's for his daughters?

breadandroses · 17/04/2007 10:29


at "whine fest for crims"

InTheHouse · 17/04/2007 11:10

Just a bit unconvincing....I honestly felt nauseous listening to him; his voice didn't sound honest. His lines sounded well rehehearsed & he did all that" well, john...." Lots of emphasis on him with his other daughters like such a good daddy..

His explanation for why his wife said she suffered domestic violence in her marriage to him..."louis said a lot of things."

A man whose teenage daughter got killed by a train last year with her friend said he wrote his book as a letter to his dead daughter. I believed him though.

OP posts:
donnie · 17/04/2007 13:14

I always believed he was guilty. I still do.

OrmIrian · 17/04/2007 13:15

I don't know. I have no idea whether he was guilty or not. But I did get fed up with the self-pitying tone in that interview....

zippitippitoes · 17/04/2007 13:22

in his position I would be self pitying I'm sure

he has been acquitted

niceglasses · 17/04/2007 13:28

A formal acquittal I think because they could not reach a verditct. Acquitted all the same and it would be foolish to question that. However, I agree witht he points re the publishing of the book and his lack of exp re the domestic violence. However, I think the ex wife wrote a book as well!!!

beckybrastraps · 17/04/2007 13:39

Supposing he didn't beat his wife? How could you 'explain' the allegations in a radio interview. What would you want him to say?

niceglasses · 17/04/2007 13:43

I think I just wasn't convinced which is different to saying he is guilty of anything else. I suppose its an odd thing for the wife to make up, but hey what do I know. I'm just reacting to the interview. If he makes a decision to do the interview and the BBC air it, then there will be renewed discussion of the case and all that surrounds it - he has to expect that which is maybe why his book etc is a little surprising. Yet, I guess he wants to clear his name, though as I said, he will enounter dissenters. Thats all.

zippitippitoes · 17/04/2007 13:45

I think he gets a bad press which is unfair

it is not his fault that the police investigation was poor or that he suffered wrongful imprisonment through a miscarriage of justice

how do you rebuild your life after that

perhaps the book is helping him to make sense of what has happened

donnie · 17/04/2007 13:45

as far as I recall there were several incidents where the police had been called when he had beaten her up.There was evidence I thought.

He was acquitted yes but that doen't make him innocent.In my view it just means, in this particular case, that he had a good barister.

InTheHouse · 17/04/2007 19:33

No-one else has been charged- he was "acquitted" after appealing after being found guilty twice wasn't it. Sort of perverse horrible interest in something I know when I'll never know the truth and he may be innocent. But I can't believe he is - maybe if he was he'd "explain" the allegations with more indignant disbelief and repulsion that he could be accused of battering & murdering Billie & battering his wife... He sounded very calm and at peace with a world that has wrongly accused him of these things when he declares he is not a violent man.

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 17/04/2007 19:34

can you say that though you not believe that mistakes are made?

would it be different if he was a woman?

InTheHouse · 17/04/2007 19:39

I know, yes, that in general in case such as this one; I would be more likely to believe a woman or feel empathy, sympathy etc. That's natural considering the social historical context because women are less likely to commit heinous crimes on their own and more likely if they do to be driven to violence in relationships because of abuse that they have suffered

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