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Grandmother of Ellie (mauled to death by dog) charged with manslaughter

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SueW · 03/04/2007 13:29

Times Online

Grandmother being charged with manslughter and possession of diamorphine; uncle being charged with possession of a dangerous dog

OP posts:
LilyLoo · 03/04/2007 13:31

Poor poor girl. Their guilt will never go. RIP Ellie.

KittyLetteMeEatAnEasterEgg · 03/04/2007 13:35

hows it the grannys fault?

it doesnt say it in the article?

surely its the dog / dog owner?

i dont know the story - anyone enlighten me?

LilyLoo · 03/04/2007 13:38

The gran has been found in posession of drugs so guess she may have been under influence at time. She was suppose to be taking care of her then. It happened New Years Day.

KathyMCMLXXII · 03/04/2007 13:39

is there a hint that she was off her face on the diamorphine when she should have been looking after the baby?

KittyLetteMeEatAnEasterEgg · 03/04/2007 13:39

ahh right ok then, i see now

Blandmum · 03/04/2007 13:40

Diamorphine AKA Heroin

Blu · 03/04/2007 13:41

Didn't she put the baby to bed in a room where the two dogs were loose?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 03/04/2007 13:43

Presumably involuntary manslaughter because she was reckless/negligent.

JanH · 03/04/2007 13:43

She let the dog back into the house when it had been outside, I read somewhere.

Also that Ellie's dad blames her for Ellie's death.

It's just horrible all round.

SaintGeorge · 03/04/2007 13:53

From the Crown Prosecution Service:

The elements which the Prosecution have to establish in court before there can be a conviction for gross negligence manslaughter are as follows;-

1. A duty of care towards the deceased.
2. Breach of that duty of care.
3. Did the breach cause the death of the victim-[causation].
4. Can the breach be characterised as gross negligence and therefore a crime?

Having her grandaughter to stay in a house with 2 dangerous dogs? I'd say guilty.
FoghornLeghorn · 03/04/2007 13:55

Blu, you are thinking about the little baby at the pub are you not ? With the Deobermans/Rotties guarding the roof ?

So so sad

Blu · 03/04/2007 13:57

Yes, I am. Is this a different case? I thought that was granparents, too.

Sorry - may be confused and misleading.

All v horrible and sad, anyway.

RedLorryYellowLorry · 03/04/2007 13:58

I read that the dog was not supposed to be in the house with children. I believe the parents had agreed this with the Gran. The dog had attacked an adult a little while before (Ellie's aunt?). Gran let the dog in when Ellie was sitting on the settee in the early hours of the morning. Her mum and dad had come back from a party, kissed her goodnight and left as Ellie didn't want to go home with them. At first the dog was fine as Ellie was sitting next to her Gran and lay in the corner but when the Gran got up to turn off the lights the dog went for Ellie - Ellie screamed out but it was too late. The dog had her by the throat . The gran did manage to get between them but it was too late. Awful story.

FoghornLeghorn · 03/04/2007 13:59

There are 2 cases Blu.

The one with the little baby who I think was only a matter of months old killed by Rotties/Dobermaans at the pub which was owned by her grandparents and this one which is 5 year old girl mauled by a Pitbull Terrior at her Gran's - Gran was watching her on New Years eve so the mum & dad could go out, she let the dog in and it went straight for the little girl and killed her. The dog was only supposed to come in he house at night when everyone was in bed I read

FoghornLeghorn · 03/04/2007 14:00

RLYL, that is exactly the story I read

Blu · 03/04/2007 14:00

Thank you FL.

RedLorryYellowLorry · 03/04/2007 14:02

My post makes it sound as though the parent new the dog had been let in - they hadn't. It was let in after they left. God how they must feel - I can't imagine the grief

RedLorryYellowLorry · 03/04/2007 14:03


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