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'First news' newspaper for kids

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SueW · 26/04/2006 06:11

Does anyone know anything about \link{\this?}

It sonds like a good idea but I'm reluctant to sign up without seeing a sample even htough the Book People have sent me a £10 discount code!

OP posts:
wordgirl · 26/04/2006 08:06

I'm obviously a bit braver than you SueW, cos I've signed up for it! Only for six months though - I'm not that brave Wink
DS thinks it looks great so fingers crossed...

NotQuiteCockney · 26/04/2006 08:17

I don't think you'll see a sample, as the first issue hasn't been made yet, according to the home page. Looks nice, though.

mummygow · 26/04/2006 08:21

Will it just be like another type of magazine as it is only on sale on a Friday?

spacedonkey · 26/04/2006 08:25

Is it an independent publication? I'd be worried that it was an arm of the daily mail or something

SueW · 26/04/2006 13:29

I've found more info now - \link{\here}.

  • target a core readership of nine- to 12-year-olds with a mix of current affairs, sport, science and showbusiness news,

  • initial print run of 300,000

  • coordinated by former Daily Mirror editor, Piers Morgan, who is editorial director. Editor Nicky Cox was previously editorial director of BBC Worldwide's family division and was behind another children's newspaper Early Times.

  • financial backing for First News has been provided by Steve and Sarah Jane Thomson, founders and CEO's of Thomson Intermedia.

There's a bit more \link{\here} quite a way down the page.

It's going to be on sale so I think we'll see how it looks without committing to a subscription.
OP posts:
milward · 26/04/2006 13:43

Sounds good - my dd1 might like it as she loves newsround - plus looks through our papers.

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