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Best dehumidifier for drying washing

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TheOriginalNutty · 21/09/2022 15:19

Looking for recommendations please. Don't really want to spend more than £100 but will consider slightly more for a great one.

Tia Smile

OP posts:
ChateauMargaux · 12/10/2022 18:35

I am bumping this for you in case anyone else has some suggestions - I am also looking for a dehumidifier.

JamMakingWannaBe · 12/10/2022 20:05

Meaco. I have the 12L but depending on your family size / amount of washing you do you might want to consider the 20L version.

Keep an eye on Gumtree/Marketplace. Something might come up.

xogossipgirlxo · 14/10/2022 11:11

I also have Meaco 12L, it's very good, but doubles your budget. It's good for one big room or small flat, won't do the job if you have big house, unless you don't mind carrying it upstairs/downstairs. We only needed it for bedroom and bathroom, and it does the job. I need to empty the water tank every other day, so 2.5L of moisture from small upstairs.

mommybear1 · 14/10/2022 16:12

Another Meaco voter here.

PeloFondo · 14/10/2022 16:16

I have the black and decker 20l one, it's really good and sometimes drops below £100

Rockingcloggs · 14/10/2022 16:37

We've just bought a Meaco 20l as a replacement for our Matsui dehumidifier which was purchased in 1995! So far, it's performing well especially with drying clothes and it doesn't use a great deal of energy judging by our smart meter!

Somanysocks · 14/10/2022 17:12

Also have a Meaco, very good combined with a fan blowing the washing

JamMakingWannaBe · 17/10/2022 20:00

If the room/area you are drying your laundry is around 20 degrees, a compressor dehumidifier such as the Meaco 12L or 20L would work well.

If you are hanging laundry to dry in a cooler room/garage, a dessicant dehumidifier such as a Meaco 8L or EcoAir would work better.

gluenotsoup · 17/10/2022 21:27

Appliances Direct own brand Electriq is good. I have the big 20litre one, and it’s very egos down supposed to be low energy. Significantly cheaper than more well known brands too

LouiseGMumsnet · 14/11/2022 08:45

Hi @TheOriginalNutty Thanks for posting. Just wanted to pop in with a link to our dedicated Swears By page for the best dehumidifiers in case it's helpful at all. It's made up of recommendations from Mumsnetters and includes budget options. Please do let us know if you've any feedback on the page!

Humidifyprotips · 11/12/2022 10:10

This one is 🔥

Blowyourowntrumpet · 11/12/2022 10:11

I've got a Meaco 12 litre and would definitely recommend it

Catname · 11/12/2022 10:25

If you’re buying a dehumidifier to save money instead of using a tumble drier, make sure to check what wattage it is and calculate how much it will cost to run. We have a Meaco Zambezi that consumes around 5kwh a day when running 24 hours a day, every day of the year (so around £1.70 a day currently) to keep DP’s precious garage dry 🥴. We don’t use it any more!

Ixoral · 11/12/2022 10:31

I also have the Meaco 12L

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